Passage to a New Paradigm

Are we there yet? How much longer do we have? I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m bored. I’m ready to move, get out, stretch my legs, anything to alleviate this sense of in between. Do you remember this commentary on long road trips, cooped up in the car with the feeling that the journey is just, well, frigging forever? I sure do – from the back of a 1974 Ford Gran Torino station wagon.

Heartbreak & the Inevitable Longing for Time

Here we are at yet another year, a new beginning in the long stretch of time we call life. We greet it like an old friend with new clothes. Updated for the fashion of the current moment. Worn like it will bring us closer to the essence of our true selves – or at the very least, appear to do so. Cleaning out and clearing closets to rid ourselves of old armor, dusty masks, too tight cloaks and clothes that no longer fit the fullness of growth and change.

Welcome to 2018.

Inside Out

Most days I don’t notice anything different. Most days I move seamlessly from here to there, through and between, over and yonder. Most days I think I’m pretty normal. Most days I don’t compare myself to how others operate in their own experience. To each their own and most of all, To Thine Own Self Be True. Most days I spend wondering how it all works, where we got lost along the way, what the meaning behind the chaos is and who’s really in charge. Most days I linger for longer and longer stretches in a vast emptiness that is completely unplugged from the electromagnetic chatter – the street noise so to speak.

I Wonder

I wonder if I have the courage to say what needs to be said – from my particular version of reality. I have arrived at this juncture in time when the suppression of my voice no longer serves the cellular function of protection. It is akin to waking up on a battlefield with no fear of death. I’ve been building to this moment over many years of karmic maturing and most recently, a final activation has broken the last threads of bondage to the old order.

I Don't Know

First off, let me make something super clear. This is NOT a post about the election, the candidates or what’s wrong with the state of the world. The creative impulse to write just happens to coincide with this particular moment in time where all eyes, ears and voices are focused on the long awaited outcome of a flailing system.  That’s flail with an “L” or fail without the “L” – you decide.

Alchemy of a Reading

As always, my writing reflects the current state of affairs happening in my personal corner of reality. In this case, all things Taurus are permeating the ethers with messages close to my own heart and soul. Taurus I am through and through with the usual paradoxical mix of planetary combinations that make up our unique astrological blueprint. In fact, for those of you who might be curious, here’s my astrology chart – though please try not to make too many assumptions about who you think I am. I used to be somewhat hesitant to disclose my “data”, especially to others interested in astrology – whether novice or professional – because of the inherent presumptuous (at times) nature of analysis that seems to naturally follow.

I'm not just saying this because I'm a Taurus.....

Not only do I have a Taurus Sun, but I also have Mercury & Venus in Taurus. Quite the set up for the current astrology to piggyback on intrinsic themes in my own chart. So what does this mean in easy to understand language? Basically, themes of value, worth and self-love are a constant source of development in my life and thus, in the work I offer in service to the tangible expression of my gifts.

The Sound of Silence

Like many of you, I read lots of astrology – pretty much 24/7. There’s an endless array of writing on the current juxtaposition of the planets and possible manifestations of their effect on our reality. I’m not one of those Astrologers who can write on a weekly basis about upcoming cycles though I totally admire (bordering on envy) those who have that ability. There’s definitely an upsurge in astrological interest in the collective and for that I’m grateful.

Leaning Into Yes

The planets are active and the beings associated with each octave of influence as cosmic messengers are quite conversational these days. Funny though how it works for me in regards to our ongoing dialogue as I typically am available for pretty much constant download. In the fullness of today’s Full Moon, my ears are clogged and my “hearing” can only capture muffled impressions muted with the Neptunian fog of this misty morning.