Leaning Into Yes

The planets are active and the beings associated with each octave of influence as cosmic messengers are quite conversational these days. Funny though how it works for me in regards to our ongoing dialogue as I typically am available for pretty much constant download. In the fullness of today’s Full Moon, my ears are clogged and my “hearing” can only capture muffled impressions muted with the Neptunian fog of this misty morning.

Even in the constant chatter of my messenger friends hailing from such faraway places as Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, unnamed stars and all points in between – I am often immersed in deep silence. It’s an unusual duality of existence that mostly translates into knowing. A knowing of what you might ask? Well more and more it’s a knowing of nothing at all. A knowing of such vast emptiness that it comes with a feeling of sweet relief to surrender – finally – to the Unknown. Or rather to the Unknowable.

Much is written about the astrology of the moment – the lineup and play by play potential of possibility. Honestly, my personal sense of it all is, “we’ll see.” Not that lots of what is written isn’t helpful, fun to read and sometimes even amazingly accurate but who can really know how we’re being shaped. We’ve never been where we’re going – never even imagined it. When something is as unprecedented as this moment in history, it’s being written as we go. Which certainly leaves lots of room for choice in the matter of self-change.

That threshold I’ve talked about before, I think we’re really there – or here. It’s more of a Now frame of reference rather than a future concept of possibility. Standing in a moment like no other, it’s tempting to want to retreat or return to the familiar. I get that. Fortunately, the Universe has our back and we must face reality and recognize radical severance when we see it – or feel it – or experience it. Which we all are.  The karmic pipeline extending through all time has been cleaned out and the dismantling is well underway.

For me, the only thing I know to do is continue leaning into Yes. Yes to Trust. Yes to Faith. Yes to Good News. Yes to Good People. Yes to You. Yes to Me. Yes to Not Knowing what the Plan is. Yes to being okay with that. Yes to Acceptance. Yes to Wonder. Yes to Oneness. Yes to Allowing. Yes to Surrender. Yes to the Mystery. Yes, yes and more yes to everything that is Love.

Blessings & Moon Magic, Liz