Individual Reading


This is an empowering experience facilitated with love, compassion and a deep understanding for our individual humanity.

I offer a unique combination of dialogue, deep listening, and weaving together patterns as they are depicted in the astrological profile and current life story. This ultimately shifts perceptions and elevates self-awareness with practical wisdom and guidance. You will leave feeling a renewed sense of faith and hope regardless of the challenges – along with the courage to take the necessary action steps to face what is being asked of you.

Fee: $150

Reading length: 60-75 minutes

Individual Reading – Ages 18 to 29: These readings focus on life direction, choice making, flexibility and the importance of varied experience as the foundational beginning of an authentic life. Through the lens of the astrological profile, we explore possibility, potential and the changing paradigm as it relates to your unique individuality.

Fee: $95  *I will happily consider sliding scale payment of $65 – $95

Reading length: 60-75 minutes

In person in Asheville, NC or
phone Readings available

I wanted to thank you again for seeing me and “filling MY universe” with knowledge, joy and hope. You are so gifted and your presentation of yourself and your talent reinforces your passion for this tremendous subject. You are absolutely exceptional.
— Mary H., FL
Wow, Liz! That was an amazingly deep and meaningful session today. I have so much to reflect on. Your insights were very accurate and helpful to me at this time in my life. Thank you for all of the wisdom, skill and love you brought to bear on my reading!
— Libby M., Asheville, NC
I just wanted to let you know how profound my visit with you has been. In my transitions and readying myself for a new decade-the 7th-I find that I turn to your tape of our session and literally “turn it on” and listen and take notes. I have done this twice now and it seems to happen when I need a little reminder, or “jump start”, to keep me focused on moving forward. I took the full moon as an opportunity to send off some of the past I no longer want/need and then I listened to your tape again to inspire myself.
— Paula M., Asheville, NC
Not sure exactly what happens in that space and time with you but it is AMAZING and I’m so thankful for it. Thanks for being you!
— Matt C., Asheville, NC
I’m still really blown away….it was soooo good and so very helpful. I’m glad you are sharing your gifts with the world. You are a beautiful person and inspiring on many levels.
— Katie G., Asheville, NC
I am thankful for the opportunity to have had your wise counsel with your guides to give clarity to my life’s journey….powerful and intense stuff…..knowledge is power. Once again I am grateful for our paths to have crossed; thank you for the work you do to illuminate the way on the journey.
— Cynthia G., Asheville, NC