Liz Gunn is an Intuitive Astrologer with over 30 years of practical application as a skilled translator of planetary influences.


My intuitive astrology readings specialize in shifting perceptions in order to see the gift in life’s challenges. From deep personal experience, I offer an uncommon wisdom that will inspire you to find faith and meaning in your own story.


Based in Asheville, NC, I am a seasoned entrepreneur in spiritual business, a mature healing presence and a trusted resource in my community with a thriving client base, both locally and throughout the United States. I am especially committed to cultivating self-awareness through self-acceptance within the LGBTQIA community. As an emerging elder, a lesbian, a mother and an ally from a place of unconditional LOVE, it’s my honor to support all in embracing personal truth using the natal blueprint.

I have facilitated over 2,000 (mostly in person) client sessions in private consultations, and connected with several hundred more in small group gatherings and public talks since June of 2012. While I’ve done readings for over 20 years, it wasn’t until my own Chiron Return at age 50 (2012) that I made the leap of faith into a full time professional astrology practice. This living laboratory has added an extraordinary level of expertise to my 3+ decade long journey in using the symbolic language of astrology as a primary tool for self-development.

The focus of my work centers around the theme, “Know Your Chart – Know Your Self.” I believe we are each being asked to understand the nature of our humanity within the context of the rapidly changing paradigm of existing reality. The increasing demands of navigating the waters of self-change requires a perceptual shift to broaden our self-awareness. We all have a threshold we must cross in order to embrace the highest frequency of Love available at this time. It is with great joy that I offer my gifts in service to help facilitate your moment of crossing.


In person in Asheville, NC or
phone Readings available

Offerings using the astrological blueprint


Overview of soul themes and current growth opportunities

Keys to communication and acceptance

Relationship Reading

Empowerment through understanding

Life Skills Mentoring

Mentoring towards self-change through self-awareness

Chiron Return:
Age 49 to 52

Focus on the positive integration of core wound themes

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