Shortly after moving to Asheville, I was blessed to meet Liz Gunn and learn of her work. In each reading I have had with Liz, I have been gifted with deep levels of insight, clarity, and understanding on the questions I have brought, as well as a wider array.of lessons the Universe is offering. She uses her intuition and connection to her divinity and blends the astrology to make these readings uniquely beneficial. I also feel radiating from Liz a sincere desire to be of service to me and compassion for me as I walk my path. It is obvious that this is more than a job for Liz, it is her calling. Knowing she consciously is walking her path and growing spiritually is very important to me.
— S.M. Asheville, NC
Liz brings to her sessions her expertise as an astrologer and her intuitive gifts that, blended together, helped me understand the underlying energy stage on which my life was currently being acted. What I gained was not only a deeper understanding of myself but I had useful information that helped me better navigate current situations in my life and business. I highly recommend having a reading with Liz. Her sessions are not about being bombarded with information but are rather a teasing out of what is most useful at that moment. While she can certainly address the questions or concerns her clients come in with she is also able to provide insight to help answer questions not even asked.
— Dr. N.K., Asheville, NC
My experience working with Liz Gunn was beyond what I had expected. Our session together was the first time I have had my astrological chart read, and I was blown away with how accurate and in depth the results were. When I got to the appointment she was prepared for me, having already reviewed my chart and intuitively tapped into what topics and emotions I was coming into the session with. Her ability to pick up on my concerns and give guidance based on the chart and her own intuitive nature was extremely powerful. She was knowledgeable and on point. While she talked, I felt like things in my life made more sense. Like who I was as a person had a rhyme and a reason. So with that clarity we were able to work with areas in my life that I was growing into and how that would possibly unfold. I walked out of that session excited at the future possibilities and more connected to myself than I had been in years. Liz Gunn is a blessing and anyone who is inquisitive about their astrology chart or inner workings would benefit from using her services. She’s just awesome! See for yourself!
— M.C., Asheville, NC
My reading with Liz was a pivotal point for me. I came away from the reading with a simple concept, a mantra for myself, which helps when I need to make a decision or move this way or that. Now I step onto my ‘right’ path more quickly, and I’ve noticed those nagging self-doubting words are far and much fewer between the steps. I feel more confident these days, lighter and excited to explore new paths. Yes, I feel like an explorer. I’ve already raved to my friends about my work with Liz and look forward to my next reading with her! She provides the space (I felt as though I was ‘held’ while working with Liz, and could go as deep or as far as I wanted) and support one needs to hear for healthy growth. It was the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time!
— D.C., Asheville, NC
My reading with Liz supported the changes I had been becoming aware of for the last year or so. She saw astrological influence and encouragement in these directions and this gave me a boost, of sorts, to continue moving as I had been. The reading also allowed me to let go of any residual fear that might have been keeping me in limited and outdated thinking. I enjoyed how astrology ‘expressed itself’ through Liz because, while she clearly has a grasp of the system, she can deliver the information in a useable way and is not afraid to move intuitively between that material and the processes brought in by her client. This kept the reading relevant to my current concerns and questions. She seems to have the ability to synthesize structure and intuition and can traverse both. I also experienced her as a thoughtful and attentive listener.
— C.P., Asheville, NC
Having a reading with Liz was profoundly beneficial. She provided a bridge for the space between stagnation and action. She named and gave a context for the thread that is both the drive for my passionate intention and my blockage as well. Through her refined and seasoned insightfulness, and her keen discernment from my chart, I have been able to move forward with understanding, acceptance and clarity about action to be taken now and how that action fits in the whole. I would recommend Liz to anyone who is a seeker for understanding the subtle and silent undercurrents that while invisible, are powerful in their impact on our lives. She makes what is unknown, known, and therefore available to enhance one’s movement towards their intention.
— F.S., Asheville, NC
I would consider my reading with Liz Gunn a spiritual experience. Her facilitation allowed me to get outside of my own ego and stories and see parts of myself in a way I had never seen. It provided me with a new framework and lens to see other people through as well and jump started a chapter of self-discovery and compassion that I’m still working through. I would recommend Liz Gunn to anyone looking to understand themselves better and feel more secure in the world. Furthermore, I found Liz’s energy very grounding and her space a safe place to be vulnerable and feel connected in. Thanks Liz for doing what you do.
— K.B., Asheville, NC
My reading with Liz was more than just an astrologer telling me what my chart showed. Liz uses her deep knowledge of astrology along with her intuitive connection to the messages of the energy held within the chart and within the space she holds for her client. By combining these with her empathic heart and clear voice, Liz brings insight and gentleness to what could be a confusing and perhaps frightening process. We all say we want to know the future, but, when it comes to seeing some potential hardships ahead, it is not always easy to welcome the news. Liz is able to describe the opportunities that are present in the challenges so the hard times may not be as hard as they appear at first glance. I am deeply appreciative for her insightful and compassionate reading. I felt much better able to navigate my year as it unfolded within and around me having a bit of foreknowledge about what might arise.
— Rev. D.R., Asheville, NC
I’ve had several readings with Liz, and they have helped me during times of confusion when I felt stuck and not sure of important decisions about work. Liz is able to communicate astrological information in lay terms that I can understand. Her intuitive sense is a valuable addition to the astrology readings. It is more than an astrology reading, it is spiritual guidance. I recommend having a reading with Liz, particularly at pivotal life events such as death of a loved one, transitions in work, new relationship, and divorce.
— W.B., Gainesville, FL
Working with Liz has shown me where I need to put my focus for the coming year. It has helped me to stop worrying about all the possible paths I might be taking and just concentrate on the one that is most in alignment with my individual energies at this time. That has given me peace of mind as well as direction in my life. I would recommend Liz as a wonderful intuitive guide for anyone who is confused about their life purpose and goals. She really helps clarify what supports us in our individual earth journeys.
— J.W., Gainesville, FL
Liz Gunn is not your typical Astrologer. She is extremely intuitive. Her group sessions are something I have never encountered before and I learned “stuff” about myself that is helpful in everyday life and my spiritual life as well. I highly recommend her for I got more out of my chart reading than just this is where your house is etc. – I found out why and how it can help me. Thank you, Liz for making it fun, interesting and personal.
— P.E., Asheville, NC
Working with Liz opened my eyes to a better understanding of who I am as an individual, which gave me acceptance to just be Me! Liz has been blessed with an amazing talent!! I recommend a reading to anyone needing insight on their entire self and to deepen your understanding in relation to others.
— K.R., Asheville, NC
Working with Liz brought me comfort, relief and calm. Her intuitive reading was delivered in a caring and intelligent format which put me at ease. If you find yourself in one of those periods where you are not certain of your future, a reading with Liz will smooth out the rough spots and propel you peacefully forward.
— M.M., Asheville, NC
First off, I learned where all the stars were when I was born and what all my signs are, which is both useful and awesome. When you explained what all the stars and planets actually meant, everything made sense. I felt like I made sense in the world on a deeper spiritual level. It’s also just plain awesome to know I was born under my favorite Roman god. (Pluto for the win!) I would definitely recommend you for a reading. I might be a little biased because you’re the only person I’ve ever done a reading with, but you listened to me and my rants about my beliefs, sexuality, and life, and frankly I can’t even talk about that sort of stuff with my own family. You’re a great listener and great at explaining the things that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise.
— L.J., College student
It was a different sort of experience for me and gave me food for thought all 3 evenings. You set the pace for camaraderie and for listening to others, and you made me feel that we all are seekers, and that as we all falter in our journeys, we have companions even in our weaknesses.
— N. W., Asheville, NC
What an enlightening reading! Listening to this in a quiet, meditative time shed light and grace on my journey —-for a second time. Again my deep thanks for sharing your gift to help light my path.
— A.F., Asheville, NC
We listened to the CD of ____’s reading. I got chills…felt like a sacred experience. And so beautifully articulated. Your work is deepening. Many thanks for your insights and presence.
— P.N., Asheville, NC
My experience working with Liz was so different than other readings I’ve had, given her knowledge of astrology coupled with her intuitive gift, which is extraordinary and fun to work with! Liz explained the big picture of my life in such a way it has not only brought me more peace with the process, but has heightened my sense of faith and trust while on this journey. If you are interested in answering the question, “what the heck is going on here?!” you simply must call Liz for a reading!
— K.O., Asheville, NC
Liz, I can’t thank you enough for the reading you gave me. You were so clear, so articulate, and over all so lovely. I found the information invaluable.
— G.H., Asheville, NC
Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was powerful and transformative as always, and very, very re-centering. You have such a beautiful gift.
— S.P., Asheville, NC
I want to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for the conversations we shared around Chiron Healing these past couple of months. They couldn’t have been more timely and relevant for my life right now. I deeply appreciate you and all of your gifts!
— M.W., Asheville, NC
Thank you ever so much Liz, for a wonderful, vibrant and growthy session today. We felt enriched and very much benefitted from the clarity this brings to us on where to go from here.
— J.W., Asheville, NC
Yes, indeed, it’s called “growth”, expansion, living on the edge, being a way shower! Well done. You sat there, “not knowing”, and inspired a room full of people. Being authentic is magical.
— M. F., Asheville, NC
You inspired me, once again. I’m so glad you do what you do, and so well!
— B.F., Asheville, NC
Thank you for helping me bring another piece of the “me” puzzle to my awareness. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I came away from our session with clarity as to the “why” I have not been able to let go of ____. Thank you for being the channel for this spirit wisdom. The Spirit in me, honors the spirit in you!
— L.G., Asheville, NC
Thank you for ALL your energy you shared before, during and after that last workshop I attended at your home. It was a very powerful afternoon for me- beginning with the ‘hairs up and tingles’ running through my body at the mention of the upcoming cardinal cross!
— D.C., Asheville, NC
Thanks so much for your continuous spiritual work. I felt as if our last meeting was full of your “magic”. You were really “tuned in” and it made the space especially valuable to me. I felt safe to show my vulnerability and reveal my truth. Your insights have added value to my spiritual work and have heightened my relationship with my Higher Self…aka…Goddess! I truly respect and love you as a person.
— G.S., Asheville, NC
I would come back for several reasons: your willingness to trust being led moment by moment (I want to embrace that more), your complete honesty in sharing boldly, your admission when you’re nervous, the fact that I learn to look at life differently from your and other’s perspectives, and the feeling I left with each time that each of us is so unique, yet our painful steps often have so much in common, and lastly the feeling that I felt closer to everyone with each meeting we had.
— R. W., Asheville, NC
In a nutshell, the 3 meetings made me appreciate our humanness which is so inherently spiritual, and I came away thinking how much we all need community and to be understood. As we talked about how we were feeling about the future, it seemed that all of us felt a good sense of anticipation, instead of worry or dread.
— L. H., Asheville, NC
I trust you will continue your uncompromising venture into surrendering to truth. No harm will come of it. Whether it is joyful or painful, it is still consciousness reflecting itself unabashedly into experience. I’ve heard it said that what you are given, you are given to give away. My sense is that you have much to offer.
— B. R., Asheville, NC
As I was driving home yesterday, I decided to write to tell you how much I appreciated your talk! Not only were your words accessible, affirming and inspiring, the energy you fostered in the room was open, spiritual and palpably loving. One thing I offer as evidence of the energetic presence is the fact that all those who shared seemed to do so from their hearts; there was a conspicuous (and rare) lack of ego or need for attention. As I spoke to several participants afterward, we all seemed to feel uplifted and awed.
— J. L., Asheville, NC
Coming to your home is a warm and inviting experience — from the cup of tea to the box of tissues to the “talking feather”. I feel like I step into a slightly altered version of reality, one in which I am invited to open up to a better version of myself. In this energy, I see things slightly differently, I hear things slightly differently, I feel things slightly differently. And in this, I am transformed – sometimes subtly, sometimes obviously. I am coming back because I am always a new-and-improved me when I leave one of your sessions whether they be in your home, at Crystal Visions, or one-on-one.
— L. H., Asheville, NC

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