Relationship Reading


This reading is geared towards couples who want to explore potential strengths, challenges and distinctive markers for relating as reflected in each person’s unique astrological profile.

Awareness of who the “other” is with respect to the essential Self, emotional needs and communication styles can be profoundly beneficial to the relationship. Current planetary transits of each person will be factored in with regards to specific areas of spiritual and personal growth affecting the relationship.

I  am especially committed to supporting queer relationships and the influence of heteronormative culture in connection to themes of trauma, trust and intimacy.

Fee: $225 *will offer reduced fee of $175 to folks in their 20’s

Reading Length: 90 minutes

In person in Asheville, NC or
phone Readings available

A relationship reading with Liz has changed my view of my relationship to that of a divinely inspired dance. Liz has profound insight into the nature of how our charts interrelate, the strengths we each bring to the relationship, and the things we need to be mindful of. We left the reading know that if we are willing to do the work we will each become so much more because of the deeper nature of our relationship. I highly recommend having a reading with Liz to add a new richness to your partnership!
— T & T, Asheville, NC