Like so many involved in healing work, my background is varied, experiential and distinctly unique. I’ve learned that there is no better teacher than life itself. I’ve traveled a long road to arrive home to a place of integrated lived experience and can share with you the uncommon wisdom found along the way.

Honestly, I’m not interested in credentials, teachers, and schools of particular thought, or anything else that masks the ability to access our inherent wholeness. In my younger days, like most everyone else on a healing journey, I sought mentors and healers to facilitate my spiritual process and provide me with insight that certainly helped to grow my self-awareness. But I can’t credit someone else for who I’ve become. If I’ve learned anything, it is the value found through the power of discernment and the importance of paying attention to the cycles of change and transformation. The practical application of the living wisdom contained in ordinary reality is the cornerstone of my offerings. This is what is true FOR ME and operates in alignment with the highest level of ethics and integrity. My natal horoscope mandates that I blaze my own trail.

I am blessed with a profound curiosity to understand who I am in relation to the cosmos. I’ve always wanted to know how the mind works in tandem with higher consciousness. How do we become who we are? How are our personal stories set within a framework of spiritual significance? How does life show up to show us the way? How can we go deeper into the ordinary realm of daily living to discover the magic and mystery of Spirit? These questions propel me to leave behind enculturated beliefs and frame my story against an ever changing backdrop of possibility. In essence, I’m driven by the desire to “Know Thyself”.

That’s where I got my start. I wanted to know who I am and the inner workings of my psyche. In 1986, at the age of 24, I helped organize the Adult Children of Alcoholics movement in Savannah, Georgia. This was the doorway that led me into the realm of spiritual exploration, personal growth and healing as a way of life. My entry into the world of Astrology followed shortly thereafter. In 1987, I met my first astrological teacher and mentor, Dorothy Turner. She was in her late 60’s then and a bona fide old school metaphysical astrologer, a Pisces with extraordinary psychic abilities who had studied under the infamous astrologer Buz Myers. I worked with her for 7 years – until the birth of my son in 1993.

I ultimately was led on a compelling descent into my core wound themes (Chiron) and the stage was set for a life long immersion into healing practices. This combination, beginning with ACOA, astrology, extensive therapy and psycho spiritual development, set the course for my growing passion to understand the “why” of existence. I have had the great good fortune to work extensively with amazing healers, intuitives, psychics, and deep divers into the realm of the soul for more than 3 decades. The enduring impact is one of integrated well-being and authentically living 100% at home in my skin. I know who I am.

The theme of soul healing and following the golden thread of the emerging gifts contained in the wound is my life’s work. It’s not what I do. It’s who I am. It’s a way of life.

I extend the warmest of greetings and welcome you to my home and hearth with a sincere intention to be of service.  It is through this doorway I invite you to enter.

I am a gifted Intuitive Astrologer. This work is a reflection of my original agreement and exemplifies the unfolding of the highest path of my personal development. My primary gift is in reading, interpreting and translating patterns and symbols. The astrological blueprint is the entry point into a direct experience with Spirit as it relates to your consciousness and soul’s search for meaning.

I have a refined ability to listen deeply and can hear what’s not being said in the space between your words, the soul’s voice. I can also hear the planets themselves as distinct messengers with specific guidance to enhance your self-awareness. Words and language carry a vibrational frequency that I’ve discovered I am innately wired to tune into. This enhanced gift contributes to my ability to decipher patterns with tremendous clarity in a comprehensive and cohesive manner. I am naturally clairvoyant and clairaudient - a psychic by any other name. I don’t make a big deal out of it - just me being me.

Basically, it all comes down to perception. My work as a whole brings together a quality of understanding that facilitates a shift towards more authentic self- knowledge. It’s a deeply affirming, loving and compassionate experience to explore your blueprint with me. I’m a big believer in the practical application of spiritual wisdom so you can face your life with courage, faith and grace. The knowing that every single experience is absolutely bringing you into contact with your highest Self is what connects you to the essence of All That Is.

Welcome ~ with Love.  


In person in Asheville, NC or
phone Readings available