The Sound of Silence


Like many of you, I read lots of astrology – pretty much 24/7. There’s an endless array of writing on the current juxtaposition of the planets and possible manifestations of their effect on our reality. I’m not one of those Astrologers who can write on a weekly basis about upcoming cycles though I totally admire (bordering on envy) those who have that ability. There’s definitely an upsurge in astrological interest in the collective and for that I’m grateful.

When I say I “read” astrology 24/7, it’s truly more of an immersion in the field or frequency of planetary communication than it is words on a page. All of my astrological information comes directly from the source – the planets themselves.  Certainly there is exceptional writing out there and I do love that as much as the next person. And of course, the source is the same for all of us that practice, write or research the art of astrology – the planets as our teachers. My true love and passion with astrology lies in my practice of individual consultations. It’s where my gift shines and where the planets speak to me most clearly and profoundly.

I feel the Universe is providing me with a phenomenal real life “classroom” intensive with regards to the planetary messengers and how they are guiding, teaching, infusing, expanding and stretching me in to greater levels of awareness. I’m doing more and more readings every month in ever increasing numbers as part of this crash course in deciphering meaning in the unfolding events of the new paradigm.

My reflection upon emerging themes as I write this on the eve of my 54th birthday AND the Scorpio Full Moon is full of ripe stillness (both occurring on April 22 – Full Moon at 1:24 am EDT and my official solar return in the morning hours following). A pending rebirth of sorts gestating in the ever present tilling of my fertile Taurean soul. I sense in my perception a reverberating silence that in the last couple of days has caused a fluttering anxiety in my gut – like a nest of tiny baby birds flitting about in their newfound form.

In that silence is an acute emptiness. I don’t hear words or see images. I don’t feel emotions that lead to charged conversations playing out on the stage of my mind. I can’t see the future or frame the next moment ahead from any part of what has past. I’m not scared or in fear of anything – in this moment. My mind seems to be idling in neutral though I’m certainly not bored. I’m profoundly curious and attentive to this deep silence, listening for the messages and pronouncements on a frequency of communication beyond sound. So interesting.

All the retrograde action (Mercury (on 4/28), Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto & the Moon’s Nodes) is helping to further compress time into a single molecule of wise presence. It feels like a moment to catch up on spring chores and tend to the compost pile of discarded themes, patterns, and denser emotional matter. With the Scorpio Full Moon illuminating this heap of loamy soil, we can further disperse with any resistance to the inevitable change underway. One specific message is to consider with deep recognition any issue at this time vying for attention. Cleansing the dark corners with diligent care is what is called for here. Excavating, extracting and letting go seems to be the order of the day.

No harm can come from allowing in more Light. This is a Universal Truth.

The “emptying out” and thinning of our field is a necessary component to align with a more resonant electromagnetic quality of cleaner energy. This “pause” moment with the retrograde motion of the planets is a divinely timed collective scenario to give us a chance to sit in this stillness or silence, or for some, continued chaos, frustration or resistance in all its varied forms. There’s no right or wrong in any part of our individual experiences at this time – it’s all in service to the soul as the Mystery deepens. Give yourself the gift of not knowing anything at all while simultaneously being full present in what is.  What could be more Taurus/Scorpio than that!

More to be revealed….

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate my earthly existence with my very favorite thing in the world (well…besides my family :) ) – delicious food, good beer, vegan ice cream flights and toe tapping music.

Happy Day & Love to all ~ Liz