Alchemy of a Reading

As always, my writing reflects the current state of affairs happening in my personal corner of reality. In this case, all things Taurus are permeating the ethers with messages close to my own heart and soul. Taurus I am through and through with the usual paradoxical mix of planetary combinations that make up our unique astrological blueprint. In fact, for those of you who might be curious, here’s my astrology chart – though please try not to make too many assumptions about who you think I am. I used to be somewhat hesitant to disclose my “data”, especially to others interested in astrology – whether novice or professional – because of the inherent presumptuous (at times) nature of analysis that seems to naturally follow.

The Sound of Silence

Like many of you, I read lots of astrology – pretty much 24/7. There’s an endless array of writing on the current juxtaposition of the planets and possible manifestations of their effect on our reality. I’m not one of those Astrologers who can write on a weekly basis about upcoming cycles though I totally admire (bordering on envy) those who have that ability. There’s definitely an upsurge in astrological interest in the collective and for that I’m grateful.