Alchemy of a Reading

As always, my writing reflects the current state of affairs happening in my personal corner of reality. In this case, all things Taurus are permeating the ethers with messages close to my own heart and soul. Taurus I am through and through with the usual paradoxical mix of planetary combinations that make up our unique astrological blueprint. In fact, for those of you who might be curious, here’s my astrology chart – though please try not to make too many assumptions about who you think I am. I used to be somewhat hesitant to disclose my “data”, especially to others interested in astrology – whether novice or professional – because of the inherent presumptuous (at times) nature of analysis that seems to naturally follow.


The truth is, it’s hard not to do just that – look at a chart and dive into the symbolism. That’s how we learn and grow through the art of astrological interpretation. This incredible language of cosmic consciousness has shaped every cell of who I am. It’s what I want to talk about now and acknowledge the value it has as an irrefutable tool for self-awareness. And more than anything, take a minute to reveal my deep and abiding love affair with a Source of divine wisdom that sustains me during times of change, growth, liminal emptiness, transformation I’d rather fast forward through (but can’t), grief, pain, healing and ultimate acceptance.

As a way of life, it can’t be beat and for the last 30 years astrology has infused my existence with meaning beyond measure. The DNA in the planetary matrix of electromagnetic currency is one and the same with my own physical cellular DNA. I have no idea if there’s science to back this up, nor do I care. My own knowing is enough to support this statement. It’s the lifeblood that runs through me at this point and it’s as true and real as the greening of the trees outside my office window right now.

For the longest time, I withheld myself and my gift from a more public forum – until the ass kicking moment of my Chiron Return which happened to coincide with the official onset of the Pluto/Uranus square in 2012. What a combo of energies to turn me inside out and scrape clean the karmic residue of lifetimes. I wish I could say three decades of therapy, healing and deep psycho spiritual work prepared me well and certainly, it did. I mean, geez, without that backlog I likely would have been blown to smithereens and six feet under rather than exposing myself in such a vulnerable manner as this. I’m happy to say not only am I intact after a most arduous period of deepening integration, but am also lighter, clearer, and freer than I’ve ever known myself. Liberated is more like it.

Clean pipeline (talking Pluto here – themes & patterns through all time) = clean field, clean energy, clean thoughts, etc.

Ready for service. Ready for the crossing. Ready for the Unknown. Sentinel of Light. Companion. Mentor. Friend on the Journey. Oh yeah, and Astrologer. Translator of multidimensional realities and communication ally with planetary beings.

I have to own this gift. So Taurean I know, but it’s time. My ability to read the patterns, themes, underlying meaning and synthesize it all into a cohesive, practical whole – one that makes sense as it aligns with your version of reality is well oiled for this time. It comes from doing my own work, from a commitment to understanding what’s being asked of us that Just. Won’t. Leave. Me. Alone. As I say so often in my readings, we were all born to fulfill a need at this time in our planetary storyline. Well I was born to do readings – as part of my contribution to the whole, and in service to my own soul development.

What I read besides the chart, is the energy, the story, the vibrational patterning in language, the empty space between the words, the nuance of all time as it resides in THIS moment – and last but not least – and probably most of all – I hear what the planetary beings have to say. Call it clairvoyance, clairaudience or simply fusion with the field but this more than anything is what gets me up in the morning and puts me to bed at night. This conversation that seamlessly weaves the very fabric of my own existence and fills me with such extraordinary peace is the backbone of my life.

THEY – the planets, the beings associated with these spheres of orbiting information and wisdom, are my constant companions on this earthly road. They are who TEACH me all that I know about astrology. Sure I’ve read a book or two (or a hundred), had human mentors cross my path at just the right moment in my early learning but now, now it’s different. They are wanting a different dialogue, a different quality of information is coming through – one not found in books or the ancient texts. Not saying that’s not still relevant (nobody freak out here on me)-just saying I’m hearing something else. I’m leaning hard into this silent reservoir of immense galactic wavelength and learning as I go. Hundreds and hundreds of readings, mostly in person, in these last 4 years (that I’ve been doing it 100% full time) have brought it all very much to life and given the teachings shape and form. Given me new shape and form too.

So my call to action is this – very simply. Seek meaning in your experience. Strive to understand what’s happening beyond the obvious and lean into what is. Sit in discomfort long enough for it to reveal the spaciousness of the void. A little esoteric I know but really and truly we must acquiesce just a bit to a more immortal perspective – one that extends beyond time and form into a formless neutrality that holds tons of compassion, love & peace. I’m not saying it’s easy but there’s a sense of urgency in the current time compression that won’t allow us to ignore the karmic backlog anymore.

And, of course, I would love to utilize my gift as part of bringing insight to current situations. Another level of YES in my offering to help others through greater portals of self-awareness, self-acceptance and ultimately, in service to your soul, to a sense of liberation and belonging – right here, right now. So worth it.

Thank you & Love & Blessings ~ Liz