I'm not just saying this because I'm a Taurus.....


Not only do I have a Taurus Sun, but I also have Mercury & Venus in Taurus. Quite the set up for the current astrology to piggyback on intrinsic themes in my own chart. So what does this mean in easy to understand language? Basically, themes of value, worth and self-love are a constant source of development in my life and thus, in the work I offer in service to the tangible expression of my gifts.

I’m most curious to witness the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Taurus and how I will have the opportunity to review the contrast between inner and outer value. And mostly, my perception of worth based on beliefs which determine the ease in which I experience life and transcend physical difficulties or challenges in my material reality. Oh so Taurus!

To me, self-worth is the basis for spiritual advancement. It’s the intangible side of the Taurus coin. As I come to know myself, my natural capacity for love, compassion and gratitude grows alongside an ever expanding relationship with the Divine Presence. Fertile ground indeed to base an earthly life upon.

There is a deep, deep loneliness pervading our experience right now – maybe always. This pull -even in the midst of connection with others – is a reflection of our spirit’s desire to grow in its capacity to know the sacred Presence. The slow and steady path that I know so well is sprawling out in front of each of us right now. Take note of the beauty, the goodness, the abundance, the Love and the palpable breath of this planet as the wind blows whispering messages to us all.

My search for self-worth is humanity’s search as well. Current circumstances want us to claim our self-worth, in fact, demand would be a better word to describe what external scenarios are reflecting. But the change must first come from within. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use this mercury retro period to review beliefs that hold patterns in place that are counterintuitive to how we want to experience everyday life. Let’s examine our expectations and shift the responsibility for getting what is inherently ours to receive (LOVE) by becoming more CAPABLE at holding our own value. When we value ourselves from a place of divine integrity the ripple effect has great power.

The Power of Love. Live it.