The Journey of the Self

I had an incredible moment last weekend that I wanted to share here. I traveled from my home base in Asheville to Durham, NC to give a talk and do readings for a few days for a wonderful community of people. Upon my return home, I experienced a surge of Love reflected in the Light of this Leo full moon for the continued manifestation of my gifts and work in the world. I take none of it for granted and in the simultaneous mercury retrograde in capricorn, know that due diligence, patience, commitment, and just plain hard work are the backbones to my current sense of accomplishment.

The accomplishment though is not necessarily about an outer form of success so much as it's about an inner awareness of Self.  The title of my talk was "The Journey of the Self" and the subtitle, "Moving Beyond Duality into Union with the Soul." They could both be stand alone subjects but the guidance was for a single theme and in this particular community, an important one.

Please enjoy listening and feel free to share the LOVE.

In Gratitude & Peace, Liz