Portals, Passage & Crossings - New Year's Blessing

"You who are the source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the world,

Illuminate also my heart,

So that it too can do Your work.”

This prayer, the Gayatri, is a powerful call to action as we acknowledge the passing of time – at least from the linear standpoint. For me, the continued process of allowing more Light into every aspect of my Self, my work in the world and in the fullest expression of my true nature is my path and purpose. As the year 2015 comes to a close, I’ve pretty much come to the realization that the only path I can follow is to continue to embody the knowing of who I am.

It’s been a long road for all of us to finally, truly arrive at this juncture in time. I guarantee IT is here. And what exactly is IT that we’ve gotten to? Well, in my opinion – which is about the only one I rely on these days (so rely on yours too - and in essence, I’m talking about guidance more than an intellectual observation), we are at the point of no return. A no turning back moment with regards to the “way things used to be.” I feel lighter, clearer, more at peace than I ever have because of the cellular cleansing of these last few years. The biggest key to getting through the intensive process of yet even more self-change has probably been Surrender. I can’t recommend it enough!

You know, surrender doesn’t come easily and usually only after all other options are off the table. At least that’s how it often is for me. What I didn’t know when I acquiesced to the inevitable (the turning it over and giving it up) approximately 3 ½ years ago – at the beginning of the Pluto/Uranus square in June of 2012 – was how stripped bare of my conditioning I would experience at every turn. More to come I’m sure but for now, I’m entering 2016 completely welcoming the Unknown, and glad for it. This time of regeneration, down to the cellular level, has left me wide open to letting the light enter parts of my life long dormant. This DNA awakening is happening to everyone, not just me, and there are no special requirements for the activation to switch on. In fact, being “spiritual” is NOT a requirement – just being human is enough – so lucky for us we’re all in it together.

Here are some thoughts to ponder on this last day of 2015.

BE who you came here to be. Now is the time. Don’t wait for the “perfect” moment to live from your individual essence and truth.

Don’t ask anyone’s permission to allow your individuality to shine a bright light. Do trust what you know to be true for your Self and act accordingly, with Love and integrity. These are pure ingredients for a good life.

Be willing to NOT KNOW what’s unfolding beyond the moment you’re in. Let yourself be malleable and shaped by the creative energies of the Universe. Spirit/God/Source always has our highest good in mind – no harm can come from getting out of the driver’s seat.  This way you can really enjoy the ride and notice the passing scenery. Highly recommend!

What other’s think or believe about you is none of your business! I’m talking about true Liberation – freedom of the mind releases all the enculturated conditioned beliefs that have no place in an authentic embodied expression of YOUR life. Of course, in reality, this is a work in progress but so worth the attentive effort.

And this one is kind of a big deal – one I’ve learned over and over from hundreds of readings in this past year alone. Have compassion for EVERYONE.  All of the above is irrelevant if we aren’t each extending to others what we want for ourselves. It’s really so simple. Be kind. Don’t judge. Learn to listen. The mask we are shown is often not the Essence of who another is. Practice the art of paying attention to subtle impressions and instinctual awareness with others. No one is exempt from the demands of this time and all are in acute inner reconstruction.

We can’t know what another’s soul requirements are for their time in the body. It’s never our job to determine what another needs. Ever.

Be Love & you will receive Love. Simple.

May all good things come to pass with effortless grace and ease in the New Year.

With Love, Liz