The Wind of Heaven

Here I go again – trying to write about the unknowable. I’ve struggled for days now since the “hit” to write another post poked me from behind. On one hand, I’m bombarded by the content of what’s being purged from Pluto’s depths and on the other, hear the sweet whisper of Spirit weaving a tapestry of understanding that makes total sense. Now to put it into words.

I don’t have to tell anyone how intense this time is or provide some sort of news flash in case you haven’t been notified. The winds of change are blowing in with tremendous force and power. Any cracks in our foundation that have gone long ignored are now widening into a dark abyss where the timeline of our inheritance has been packed away. Gurgling up into the light of day these stored thought forms reveal some pretty old bones from the closet of our repressed, suppressed, forgotten cellular memory. The images in the collective are so powerful we might be inclined to remain totally convinced of their Truth and jump into the fray to fight for or against whatever side we happen to be on.

It’s exhausting to live this way. And for me personally, incredibly frustrating to engage in any conversation that wants to view it all from the edge of that abyss. I am so tired of the arguments, the fighting, and the binary of right vs wrong.  The causes, the solutions, the righteous indignation, the fringe dwellers who push back with the same vehemence and anger that is raging against them. I. don’t. care. And here’s what I have to say about it. Just stop it. Drop the guns, swords, pettiness, theories, anger, and blame and victim consciousness and open your damn eyes. Look to the winds of heaven and pay attention to what’s being blown open. It’s our Heart. All of us. Not just a select few.

None of these old skeletons have flesh on their bones or life in the body. I realize that we can’t ignore them – there’s too many. And the skeleton that seems to be the most alive and well right now has a name. It’s called Love of Power. There’s lots of people focused on Love of Power and breathing life into its fragile composite of limbs. Acting as if the abyss it lives from is a viable place to view reality through. I agree that Love of Power (LOP) is a force to be reckoned with and seems capable of being in many places at the same time. And right now actually, LOP appears on every street corner of our consciousness begging for our attention, time and energy. I do not want to give any more of myself to this panhandler.

It’s tricky though to avoid or sidestep this bag of bones when it haunts us with its deeds of injustice, secrets of silence and traumas too numerous to name. This is what has had me so stumped, particularly since the Waking Life incident here in Asheville. And, by the way, I’m not going to delve into those particular toxic thought forms here because I don’t want that energy on my website or in my field. Google it for yourself if you haven’t heard about it. I’m only mentioning it because this event was the catalyst, along with the interview astrologer Eric Francis did with me on his Planet Waves podcast, that stirred up a cloud dust of realizations associated with LOP.

This is real stuff with real scenarios, playing out in real time. Words used to describe current reality act like ladders leading us down a slippery slope into the fissure of fear. All in the name of progress, change and forward momentum. Journalistic reporting to make sure we have all the facts and playing devil’s advocate to challenge issues embedded in our DNA as a collective humanity broadcasts loud and proud. Issues which are the very clothing that cloaks our “friend” Love of Power behind its hidden agenda. LOP has been there since time immemorial in all its many guises and to call any of those guises “theory” is insulting to anyone in a body anywhere on the planet.

We can’t deny what is. But what do we do with it? How do we know what’s true or real? How do we find the courage to go forward – not down the slippery slope – but in the direction the wind wants to blow us? I have no answers. I’m just following the threads, discerning patterns, allowing the unknowable to take me at will with only my willingness to bolster me in times of doubt. Self-responsibility means I have a million more choices than ever before. It basically equates to liberation. That’s when the purging will get plugged.

And then there’s another image overlaying my perception which appears with acute clarity, informing my interpretation of experience with something altogether different. This thin membrane gives me access to a knowing of infinite proportion. A knowing that is formless, wordless, neutral and clean. I can relax when I shift my gaze towards the silence of wonder and compassion for the great purging at hand on our Universal clock. I watch with the keen eye of the scientific observer looking for patterns to make sense of it all while having my heart blown open by the winds of heaven. Compassion for the pain and suffering and for the pain and suffering over the pain and suffering. Whew!!

Does it feel like too much? Like I can’t possibly bear the responsibility that comes with holding space for the quality of pain being released from the lineage of existence? Not really. I used to think I couldn’t handle it and I guess I couldn’t -which is why I danced around this work for so long. Finally, my own Chiron Return in the midst of the beginning Pluto/Uranus square made me ante up and take a bet on myself and my gifts/abilities. I’m glad I did and feel so incredibly honored to walk with others in this interesting and liminal time of amazing, wonderful, loving transition. That’s how I choose to see it. My heart is in a billion little pieces mirroring to me so much possibility for a loving future. I’ve spent my entire adult life getting ready for this moment – aligning to a quality of truth based on direct experience with the unseen. Nobody can touch that with a ten foot pole.

All I really do know is that it’s the Power of Love now entering from stage left as the primary actor in this giant amphitheater we call life. We can bow, applaud, boo, hiss, critique or grieve the end of LOP’s reign. I’m feeling kind of done, bored actually with the same ole script LOP acts out ad nauseum. Bored with the conversation or the belief we have to keep engaging with LOP in order to change.

It’s my deep sense that something awaits our conscious attention. Willingness, self-responsibility, neutrality, compassion, Love are the scattered debris from this new wind blowing in. Look around and see for yourself.

As always, more to be revealed…..

In service & appreciation,Liz