Subtle Impressions

Recent personal events continue to inform my understanding of life in the body. The idea of a time compression as revealed in the translucency of these experiences has my constant attention. In fact, I’d venture to say I’m pretty consumed with the “why” of just about everything that crosses my path. Not because I’m interested in minutiae as a matter of detail but rather, in the attentiveness to small things I can grasp some quality of understanding for the bigger picture. The “why” also includes the exploration of subtle energy patterns as revealed in our life stories. A growing commitment to decode these themes of living transformation as a new body of work is deepening my sense of responsibility as an Intuitive Astrologer and symbolic translator.

I’m not a scientist nor do I profess to know anything other than my own personal observations that very organically become my version of reality. Everything I put out into the ethers is basically from the POV of my relationship with nonphysical, intangible realms as they intersect with concrete (is there such a thing, really?) forms of existence. These weavings of insight are the things I ponder.

So let’s talk about time compression.

The fine mesh netting of electromagnetic energy, the very fabric of existence, is thinning. As our physical bodies become cleaner receptacles for a more refined and accelerated frequency, this in turn attunes us to the broader (and infinite) etheric grid of energy. It is this field of higher consciousness that is calling us forth as the release of emotional density allows the dormant and clogged particles of our cosmic DNA to activate. Of course, there’s always choice in the matter and resistance to this change has a certain quality or tone to it that looks a lot like crisis, illness, power struggles, relationship (all kinds) issues, fear, denial, attachment to suffering, grief and a longing for what was. The other side of the coin is basically pretty simple – acceptance of what is, peace, Love, right relationship to others/the planet, and calm in the center of the storm. Love is the central essence of this Great Turning and the first step always, in my opinion, is willingness. It’s amazing once we are willing just how quickly new horizons appear.

Attachment to anything or any particular outcome, especially one based in fear, lack consciousness and a need to control the trajectory into the unknown is a real deal breaker. At the least, you’ll certainly get a cosmic slap on the wrist to pay better attention to where you’re out of alignment. And it’s always our thoughts that need adjustment (not someone else’s) as they segue from our mind to our emotional response, to our attitudes that create beliefs, and from there we form perceptions that align us to choice and action. Hence known as “reality”. But what happens when realities overlap? When the fabric collapses in such a way that primary themes threaded throughout time, possibly every physical incarnation, “bleed thru” and act as catalytic disrupters to our earth walk.

In my work, both personally and professionally, I’m fascinated by the subtle impressions revealed in this Universal process of self-change. No one is exempt and denial doesn’t protect anyone from the conversation that the planetary influences want to have with each of us. For the sake of transparency, and an attempt to articulate some portion of the Mystery that feels beyond verbalization, here’s a glimpse through my perceptual lens.

Let’s start with the actors on our stage, my stage, the arena of life where karmic story lines are being revealed through the thinning fabric of time. The potency of these themes is singularly relative to the nature of change at hand as individuals. Though remember – the personal is the collective. For me, it’s my voice and the underlying function of freedom or liberation as it connects to my dormant DNA. When I was in 1st grade my teacher contacted my mother because I would NOT speak – period. She thought I couldn’t read because when called upon, nothing would come out of my mouth. What she didn’t know was that my silence was a continuation of a thread that connected me through all time – to incarnations where the use of my voice was dangerous, got me in trouble, had me exiled, excommunicated, hung, or simply that I had no power or authority to speak. The most recent lifetime where the impact still lingers (but only, I think, by a few very fine threads) was as a South Georgia slave. I could write a book about how that lived itself out over the course of my 28 years living in Savannah.

Now of course I didn’t know this way back in 1968 when I was as interested in Dick & Jane as the next 6 year old. But fast forward to a lifetime spent in getting to “know thyself” and I’ve come to a few conclusions. These conclusions aren’t conjecture but instead, are based on observing the pattern of this thematic scenario played out on numerous stages of my story. More times than I care to count. A story that is coming to an end now as the extraordinarily effective purification process of the combined current planetary influences continue to have their way with me.

So I pay attention to when, where and how the Universe is calling forth yet another level of healing around my voice. I’m watching the actors appear from stage left to help me in this process. Uncomfortable? Absolutely. But far more uncomfortable to remain silent. I can read after all – the signs, signals, and subtle energy in the field. It’s my gift learned from lifetimes of solitude and silence where words were the least of what I heard or spoke. Reading and speaking the messages that I receive from the activation of my latent DNA is essential to my Being Who I Am.

What is essential to your Being Who You Are? Pay attention. It’s really obvious these days.