Emotional Clarity

Many years ago, probably around age 38, I stood on the cusp of the next quantum leap in my life as change loomed on the horizon. I remember one particular hot summer Savannah day spending time with an Aquarian friend, sharing interdimensional realities and exploring with great curiosity our questions of who we were in relation to the cosmos. A deepening and unending search for sure, but one that was excitedly taking me into ever expanding consciousness. I lived on the edge – one foot here, one foot there – pretty much all of the time, while simultaneously balancing a front of normalcy.

We were standing in the kitchen with my friend’s father, a 70 something retired military guy turned suburban farmer. On his kitchen table was a non-descript book with a white cover and thick black words on the front. It said, “Taurus Manual” and looked very official. I blurted out in shocked exclamation, “We come with a manual!?? How come I don’t know about this!??” The words hung in the air surrounded by silent stares before I had time to think, or to remember where I was and who I was with – no time to pull my foot out of the etheric realm (or out of my mouth, for that matter!) and plant it firmly on the kitchen floor of this nondescript ranch home – and current reality of the moment. I was always in between places.

My friend was an anomaly to her Dad and I immediately sensed my faux pas when the uncomfortable silence lingered for a moment too long. He looked at me with no humor whatsoever and said, “It’s for my car, a Ford Taurus.” My recovery was as quick as could be with a 6 foot tall ex-military guy staring me down while I nervously laughed and said, “of course it is, I knew that!” But the thing is, I didn’t. And that kind of even scared me. I’m a Taurus through and through – Sun, Mercury and Venus – and if we came with a personalized “how to” manual, well how could I have missed that essential piece of the puzzle?

I’ve chuckled at that memory on and off for the last 15 years. What I realize now is that we do come with a manual and in the Universe’s perpetual sense of humor, that message was right in front of me. Even then I took notice of the irony, in spite of my embarrassment. The play on words and the fact that I was already well over a decade into my astrology development wasn’t lost on me. I just didn’t know that the quantum leap I was about to take would bring me deep into the heart of my own personal Taurus manual – as an embodied vehicle of the soul. Not exactly the same as a Ford Taurus but certainly a more reliable mode of transportation.

I’ve traveled a long way since that moment and the emotional clarity of where the road is leading fills me with hope and reassurance. We are all in a deep process of clearing and release as we each seek to embody a greater manifestation of Light. Not an easy task in these times and one that many people have lost faith or hope in ever seeing a way out. I certainly don’t have answers, just observations and lots of time in the belly of the cave. That’s where the road took me for the majority of my 40’s. Now as I am well underway into my 50’s, I realize the extreme recalibration of my Earth centered Self has served a great purpose.  In the words of Paul Selig and the Guides, “I Know Who I Am, I Know What I Am, I Know How I Serve.”

The astrology of this week, this moment, this lifetime and the ongoing translation of the underlying meaning of the influences as a lived expression is my life’s work, my greatest gift and my soul’s calling. The emotional clarity that was revealed in the dark womb energy of the New Moon in Cancer on July 15 put the history of my timeline into greater perspective. The release of the past is shifting course and changing directions. I feel it in my body. I feel it in the opening of my Heart. I’m Cancer Rising so the moon rules my chart and sensitizes me to the ebb and flow of energetic tides. The shore of a distant horizon is coming closer and the Earth needs us to willingly allow these higher frequencies to take us there. No rudder or oar is needed. The instructions are wired into the blueprint of our being.

In Love & Service ~ Liz