Smooth Sailing

It feels like I’ve been at sea a long time but that’s what happens I guess when we navigate new waters. Time seems to stand still. Brief moments are like long pauses, waiting to see which way the wind will blow. These last few months have been a journey of unprecedented exploration. One where I’ve reset my compass according to subtle currents of experience never before encountered.  Only now can I even begin to process and articulate what I’ve seen on the horizon or felt in the shifting winds.

I’m pretty sure though that I’m on to something in terms of my understanding of how the planetary influences are communicating the necessity of change. This is 100% my interpretation of reality as I’ve scanned the emptiness that accompanies time in the open water. There’s a visceral sense of infinite wonder while I adjust to the nuances of cellular change communicated through the planetary messengers. I want to be clear here and say one thing. I’m not reading other people’s log books of their journey or following maps drawn by past sailors or current travelers. I’m not talking about what others have seen or identified through lens colored by their personal filters. Nor am I sailing a course set by someone else. That would too easy, not to mention, whatever recalibration I’m in doesn’t seem to sync up with the “rules of the status quo” in regards to my thoughts and perception.

Hello Uranus – the ruler of astrology – and the rebel or renegade. Yes, I’m finally coming into a more total acceptance of my “astrological mind” (I have Uranus in the 3rd house).  And, more importantly, trusting implicitly in an increasingly acute ability to discern the “information” via experiences, stories, patterns and themes. I almost don’t know yet how or what to write in regards to my “perceptual” discoveries. I also have no idea if other people are talking about these things though I’ve noticed certain pieces and parts are definitely in the collective.

Here’s a list to date from my “logbook” containing fragments of data collected while simultaneously steering myself deeper into the unknown.

*Time is collapsing – most noticeable since December/January. There’s an overlay of past to present as well as future to present. So maybe a more accurate statement is that time is compressing. What does that even mean since time is a linear construct of our mental framework? The overlay from the past is more like a “bleed thru” of primary themes extending through all time. I think as the Pluto/Uranus square has done its work of catalytically bringing to the surface the ENTIRE ancestral lineage – the densest material being the oldest is purged from the depths. As it rises to the surface, experiences, encounters and events reveal a subtle tonality that is both familiar and disturbing. Why is this? I think it’s because cellular memories exist in the electromagnetic currents being emitted through our own central nervous system (morphic resonance?). Uranus has, and continues, to activate areas of our lives most in need of recalibration in order to function in the higher resonance of embodied Love.

*As these memories “play out”, we are given the opportunity to emotionally and viscerally recognize the scripts that no longer serve an emerging story. Release occurs with recognition. The awakening process is messy, human, distracting, revitalizing, unnerving and everything in between. There’s no exemptions or passes or hierarchal perfection. What I mean is that this whole idea of spirituality we’ve been fed for the last half century is up for review. The Guru days are gone and the Inner Teacher wants to take the stage. Pluto’s job is taking us from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. It’s an inside job.

*Thoughts do NOT create reality. But your interpretation of your thoughts form beliefs and from there we make choices. This is what creates reality. Our choices now hinge on a perceptual framework that is up for reinterpretation as we encounter thought forms stored in the time capsule of our histories/herstories. This purging and purification process is as dramatic as it is unrelenting. Pluto’s domain doesn’t give a rat’s ass about our attachments or investment to a specific plan. Whether through loss, illness, death, rebirth, financial stuff, relationship issues or the giving up of power in some major area of our life – surrender is the name of the game. Willingness goes a long way where Pluto is involved. Being shaped by the energies is actually preferable to doing the shaping. It’s what’s being asked – so suffering is optional.

*Concrete thinking, crystallized thinking, perfection thinking, and all knowing thinking – forget about it. Elasticize your mind and allow for the unknown to lead the way.

*More than anything, I notice in myself a distinct increase in compassion/forgiveness and a liminal expansion into an awareness of time and space that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My body feels lighter as I relinquish attachment to the scripts that have framed ALL of my lifetimes in physicality. This emptying out is occurring while I’m standing in line at the grocery, walking the dogs, sharing time with my partner, doing readings, and taking out the trash. The guidance from the planetary messengers is growing louder and more acute as I move forward with great curiosity – feeling extremely liberated to make it up as I go along – and trust that this is what is meant for this time.

More to be revealed…..

 In appreciation, Liz