A Day in the Life, another Dime & the unexpected

There’s no doubt I love the Unknown and the surprising serendipities orchestrated beyond my meager influence to navigate this human road. My antennae is finely tuned to the channel of change and this upcoming week has me particularly attentive to what’s playing on the screen. With the final Pluto/Uranus square upon us, followed by a New Moon/Solar Eclipse AND the Equinox, who can tell what sudden adjustment will realign us to a different reality. All in a flash, a breath, a phone call. Change on a dime. Again.

Today is a quiet, windy, spring is in the air kind of Sunday. It feels calm in comparison to these last couple of months of increased flow and opening to an expanded view of possibility. A prelude of sorts to the burst of new life around the corner. Personally, I’m acclimating to a swift shift that occurred on Friday as part of what’s playing out in my own life. It’s what I want to write about now to capture the nuances and knowingness of some message that wants to come through me.

It was a fairly normal day in the realm of what’s normal around our house. I was excited to mail off a signed contractual agreement along with a deposit check to the Sedona Creative Life Center where I will present a program in May. This is actually a special trip with the Love of my life, Jane, to celebrate our 5th anniversary. As fate would have it, my desire to branch out beyond Asheville had also been heard. That morning we had coffee and conversation about the influence of specific beings as they relate to the mythic stories of planetary archetypes – and the deepening awareness that the way I do readings is, in fact, a direct conversation with the entities, angels, beings and messengers associated with each planet. Like I said, a “normal” day.

So then I left for my daily dog walk to ponder what exactly I was going to present in Sedona- now that I’d made the firm commitment to show up for it.  As always, I get the hit, the date, the place, say yes…then wait for the plan to be revealed. When I returned an hour later, Jane met me at the door with the news that her sister was going in for emergency surgery in one hour. It was 1:00 pm. Jane has been home not quite 3 weeks after spending 3 weeks down in Florida while her sister went through breast cancer and reconstruction surgery. A sudden infection required immediate intervention and the shock was viscerally palpable between us. Worry, concern, overwhelm and a deep sensitivity for her sister’s emotional state of mind all quickly gelled into a plan of action. I dropped her off at the airport at 4:30pm for the next flight out to Orlando.

I felt a surreal sense of connection to the beings associated with Pluto and Uranus and the timely conversation they were having with us through this real life channel change. Driving to the airport I said to Jane, “If you ever want to remember what Uranus feels like in your body, in your energy field, and in real time, this is it. When they say ‘expect the unexpected’ with regards to Uranus, remember this moment.” The frenetic nervous chaotic scene of processing this unforeseen news, discerning the course of right action, buying a plane ticket, doing laundry, packing, and sifting through the details of who needs to be communicated to and about what, along with incessant texting from concerned family members was like a mini astrology lesson. The witness in me was fascinated. My Taurus side was dealing with whiplash- but in a stable, solid, supportive kind of way.

When I arrived back home at 5:00 I took stock of my emotional surroundings and felt a profound sense of emptiness. What the hell is being orchestrated here? This was my first question to the beings who had, just as suddenly, become totally silent. We’d had a date night planned for an art opening, dinner, and then a play. I let the dogs out, grabbed my jacket, and went back out into the gray drizzle to go through the motions of the date – by myself. It was absolutely imperative and important that Jane go to Florida ASAP – and yet my heart ached for the sudden disappearance of my soul partner.

My last blog post was about closing out a karmic inheritance theme (distinctly and most recently connected to slavery) and whose current timeline – for this life – lived out its healing and completion in Savannah. Well in my usual fashion, I had absolutely no idea what the play we had tickets for was about. Someone we knew was in it, Jane thought it sounded really interesting and I have a thing about liking the surprise of sitting down with no clue of what will happen once the curtain is lifted. Kind of synonymous with the rest of my life. I was primed and readied by the events of the day to take my seat wide open in my vulnerability.

The opening act was a scene set in the antebellum south and depicted the abuse of slave women. Now this got my attention for numerous obvious reasons and I wondered even more acutely at the divine orchestration of Jane’s out of the blue trip. Why did we each need to be in this exact circumstance? What is this final awareness of my story wanting to reveal to me? How is Jane’s sudden appearance in Florida a catalytic alignment to the Unknown and her role as a healing presence? The angels are active in Jane’s field and I use the word “angel” specifically because those are the beings that are connecting with her in this higher frequency of active electromagnetic (Uranus) power (Pluto) surging.  And, for me, it’s a dramatic drop into Silence. What am I meant to hear?

Yesterday when I woke to quiet stillness I quelled the uneasy feeling that I couldn’t possibly be prepared for what was coming with the deeper knowing that all is truly well.  I walked the dogs with a vigorous stride to release the anxiety of heightened energies entering my field and made a quick decision to change my route, crossing the street to follow a hit to go another way. Immediately, in the middle of the road, I looked down and there was a dime pressed against the pavement. I picked up the flattened piece of silver and laughed out loud. It had been run over so many times that the markings were almost unrecognizable.  This particular “totem” only served to take me further into the questions surrounding the nature of change, Divine Service, and the activation of our emerging Selves as actors on a brand new stage. And the fact that true change is inherently unrecognizable. That’s important to note.

So where am I today in this process of static adaptability? I’m profoundly curious as I ready myself for the lift off from the precipice we are all of us standing upon. I’m in awe of the evolutionary unfolding beyond anything I could do on my own, and in phenomenal respect for the guidance to trust it.  I’m relieved that I’ve become super comfortable with my ability to question and stay in the silence, and a little nervous about being too Taurean (i.e. comfortable/secure) about anything. J I’m viscerally connected to my Heart center and the flow of Love for all of life and the sacredness of connection. I’m grateful for my soulmate dogs, Aspen & Jaz, who act as shamanic guides to walk me into my Center, every single day. And, absolutely, I deeply realize the gift of soul equality with Jane and the journey that got me here with her. I pray for our 3 children to be Light bearers as part of the new story and inch towards more fully realizing them as independent autonomous wise ones.

Where are you in this moment? Take time to consider. It’s so very important this week to be in clear intent. Ritualize the aspects of Self that you can bless with gratitude, walk out the door, close it and “them” (the old script/aspects, etc) behind you, and take a step forward into the great Unknown.

See you there.

Blessings, blessings & more blessings ~