Soul Mandate

I could never have imagined that my life long quest for meaning would lead me here. Here being, now, this moment. THIS moment. Not that moment. Or that one, or even that one over there. No, I’m talking about right here, right now. What’s really amazing is how big and full and overflowing this special occasion is – how it contains all time – past, present, and future – in one breath, one blink of an eye.

I’ve pondered and contemplated all week how to articulate my recent experience of clearing and completion. I’ve walked and thought, slept and dreamed, watched clouds and wind shape light and dark, blue and white. Now to recapture the essence of it all.

It started out as a simple trip. I returned to Savannah late last week to help clear out the house my children grew up in. I’ve been gone from that once sacred space for twice as long as I lived there. Gone for over 14 years, there for 7. Time doesn’t matter though. It’s not relevant in the linear sense of the equation when it comes to the soul mandate for evolutionary progress. What happened that I absolutely was not expecting was the time collapse with regards to my karmic inheritance, and the role my life in Savannah played on my metamorphic stage of development.

Karmic Inheritance sounds much more lucrative than it actually is in terms of lived experience. I moved to Savannah after I graduated from LSU in 1984. I only planned to be there a few months to save money before moving to the mountains of Western North Carolina. I grew up in NC, coming to Asheville frequently to visit my paternal grandparents. I wanted to return home. My first stop along the way was Savannah, where my mother and 2 siblings now resided – a place we had moved to when I was 18. A place that strangely felt familiar, compelling, and often disorienting when I had overwhelming moments of time warps – not knowing what decade or century I had walked through in any given moment. That’s what the layered history of that place does to someone like me who’s already got one foot in other realms.

Long story short – I stayed for 25 years. There was no other road to take until I made my peace with the life/lives of my past, the ones prior to this incarnation. The one as a slave. I can’t even believe I’m saying this to you but it’s true beyond a shadow of a doubt. No, I can’t prove it. Whatever. The truth has been in my body for a very, very long time. That’s all that matters anyway. My Truth. Each of our Truths. The unequivocal certainty of our cellular knowing.

I arrived last week and the final act began immediately. I was both lead actor and witness to the drama that unfolded. Fascinating, disturbing, and kind of well, just normal. Normal because of the deep resonance with the inheritance. Fascinating and disturbing because of how another timeline bled through into the current scenario. It got my attention just enough to let me know that a divine orchestration was underway, not to harm me or pull me back in, but to affirm the knowing of who I am, who I’ve become.

The details are too long for this post and maybe not even all that important. What is important though is how attentive we are to the present soul mandate for change and transformation. Yes, I completed something that goes way back and the South Georgia slave lifetime is the one getting my attention for this final threshold crossing. However, the themes that relate to servitude, silence, fear, power, security, acceptance, separation are ones we can all relate to and plug into our personal stories.

This is what is up for review and FINAL release for absolutely everyone. The old stories, dialogues, scripts, plays, lifetimes, and adherence to the ancestral archives stored in the cellular density of our emotional bodies have no more stage upon which to act. We are each closing the curtain on central patterns in our storyline that can’t survive in the higher elevations of enhanced frequency/vibration.

A long time ago I said I was from North Carolina. In the last decade or so I’ve said I’m from Savannah. Now I wonder if I should just say I’m from Source. Wherever I’m truly from, interdimensional, multidimensional or some otherwise unknown interstellar location, I know now that I am Home – here in this body now.  Where I’m from feels as emptied out as the Unknown I’m walking towards. Liberation is not what I thought it would be – but it’s good. Actually, it’s great.

Something to ponder…more to be revealed……

Blessings on the crossing ~