The Journey of the Self

I had an incredible moment last weekend that I wanted to share here. I traveled from my home base in Asheville to Durham, NC to give a talk and do readings for a few days for a wonderful community of people. Upon my return home, I experienced a surge of Love reflected in the Light of this Leo full moon for the continued manifestation of my gifts and work in the world. I take none of it for granted and in the simultaneous mercury retrograde in capricorn, know that due diligence, patience, commitment, and just plain hard work are the backbones to my current sense of accomplishment.

The accomplishment though is not necessarily about an outer form of success so much as it's about an inner awareness of Self.  The title of my talk was "The Journey of the Self" and the subtitle, "Moving Beyond Duality into Union with the Soul." They could both be stand alone subjects but the guidance was for a single theme and in this particular community, an important one.

Please enjoy listening and feel free to share the LOVE.

In Gratitude & Peace, Liz

The Wind of Heaven

Here I go again – trying to write about the unknowable. I’ve struggled for days now since the “hit” to write another post poked me from behind. On one hand, I’m bombarded by the content of what’s being purged from Pluto’s depths and on the other, hear the sweet whisper of Spirit weaving a tapestry of understanding that makes total sense. Now to put it into words.

Subtle Impressions

Recent personal events continue to inform my understanding of life in the body. The idea of a time compression as revealed in the translucency of these experiences has my constant attention. In fact, I’d venture to say I’m pretty consumed with the “why” of just about everything that crosses my path. Not because I’m interested in minutiae as a matter of detail but rather, in the attentiveness to small things I can grasp some quality of understanding for the bigger picture. The “why” also includes the exploration of subtle energy patterns as revealed in our life stories. A growing commitment to decode these themes of living transformation as a new body of work is deepening my sense of responsibility as an Intuitive Astrologer and symbolic translator.

Emotional Clarity

Many years ago, probably around age 38, I stood on the cusp of the next quantum leap in my life as change loomed on the horizon. I remember one particular hot summer Savannah day spending time with an Aquarian friend, sharing interdimensional realities and exploring with great curiosity our questions of who we were in relation to the cosmos. A deepening and unending search for sure, but one that was excitedly taking me into ever expanding consciousness. I lived on the edge – one foot here, one foot there – pretty much all of the time, while simultaneously balancing a front of normalcy.

Smooth Sailing

It feels like I’ve been at sea a long time but that’s what happens I guess when we navigate new waters. Time seems to stand still. Brief moments are like long pauses, waiting to see which way the wind will blow. These last few months have been a journey of unprecedented exploration. One where I’ve reset my compass according to subtle currents of experience never before encountered.  Only now can I even begin to process and articulate what I’ve seen on the horizon or felt in the shifting winds.

A Day in the Life, another Dime & the unexpected

There’s no doubt I love the Unknown and the surprising serendipities orchestrated beyond my meager influence to navigate this human road. My antennae is finely tuned to the channel of change and this upcoming week has me particularly attentive to what’s playing on the screen. With the final Pluto/Uranus square upon us, followed by a New Moon/Solar Eclipse AND the Equinox, who can tell what sudden adjustment will realign us to a different reality. All in a flash, a breath, a phone call. Change on a dime. Again.

Soul Mandate

I could never have imagined that my life long quest for meaning would lead me here. Here being, now, this moment. THIS moment. Not that moment. Or that one, or even that one over there. No, I’m talking about right here, right now. What’s really amazing is how big and full and overflowing this special occasion is – how it contains all time – past, present, and future – in one breath, one blink of an eye.


I’m thinking a lot these days about the subtle adjustments required to manage life on a new terrain. The more aware I am of the nuances of change and my ever deepening connection to the cosmic grid, the more firmly rooted in my physicality I feel.  I imagine most of us are immersed in some quality of the unknown right now that has a personal resonance connected to our individual story. The necessary adjustments though have a common theme.

Change On A Dime

The threshold moment is here – not so much because we are beginning a new year but because we are entering a new era of existence. It’s a potent and dynamic starting point. For me, I have a consistent yet unpredictable symbol that represents impending change. Change I can’t foresee, expect or plan ahead for to keep my footing off the rocky edge of life’s twists and turns.