Inside Out


Most days I don’t notice anything different. Most days I move seamlessly from here to there, through and between, over and yonder. Most days I think I’m pretty normal. Most days I don’t compare myself to how others operate in their own experience. To each their own and most of all, To Thine Own Self Be True. Most days I spend wondering how it all works, where we got lost along the way, what the meaning behind the chaos is and who’s really in charge. Most days I linger for longer and longer stretches in a vast emptiness that is completely unplugged from the electromagnetic chatter – the street noise so to speak.

I don’t realize how deep in silent, wordless conversation I am – in the time and space before, between and after all the talking I may do in a reading. I don’t notice until I do. Like the other day, walking the dogs on our daily tour through old growth neighborhoods of brick & mortar, raised garden beds, rainbow flags, prayer flags and tattooed parents pushing strollers of unassuming star beings. I felt something tugging at my neck, my shirt didn’t fit right. Then I realized it was on backwards and if that wasn’t enough, inside out. Not the first time I must confess.

It, of course, pulled me into a mental meandering about what it means to live from the “Inside Out”. As an astrologer, and an intuitive one at that, I’m in constant contact with the subtle ways the planetary dialogue lives through us. I see their communication to us everywhere and marvel at the interconnectedness of human existence to cosmic presence. I chuckled at the duality of my Taurean nature which has deep roots embedded in my love & passion for this earth and what I consider to be a very grounded energy. Until I notice otherwise that is. Most days I think I’m doing just fine. Until I say the date into my recorder at the beginning of a reading – and I’m off by a week. Or I think it’s Monday when it’s really Thursday. Or I’m driving to the farmer’s market on the other side of town and I realize I’m on I-40 headed out of Asheville.

And just to reassure you dear reader, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with my mental state – so don’t worry about me. To do the work I do – to live from the inside out – to be who I am – well it’s all the same – and it requires a quality of attentiveness that supersedes some of the more mundane due diligence to detail.  The conversations from “out there” – from the sky, the constellations, the Universal Mind and the beings beyond the known reality – are all encompassing these days. I’ll admit that I’m obsessed with listening to the directives, nuanced as they are, from the Sources of intelligence. This loving, kind, benevolent voice of integrity is coming through me, from the inside out. I want to throw in a paradoxical thought here and say emphatically that I personally don’t believe any single bit of it comes from “out there.” That’s just a manner of speech.

We are already that which we seek to become. And we can each live from the inside out – in whatever capacity that translates to in your personal version of reality. I had the hit on that walk to ask my partner to write a “testimonial” of sorts about me but not necessarily in the way we think of testimonials. I was curious what she might say about how she sees me in my day – in ways that clients or friends don’t have access to. I wanted to post something, in her voice, that would widen the lens into how I live that goes beyond the title “Intuitive Astrologer.” I have to use that moniker in the marketplace for business purposes, but truly, all I’m ever doing is just being myself.

Here’s an excerpt…”Liz’s intuition is keen. It is sharp. It is constant. Ever present. She lives within it. She doesn’t just access it for big important questions. She lives in it every moment of every day. We never go anywhere, do anything, try anything, drive anywhere, and experience anything that has not been run through her intuitive process.

“We believe that she has a ready steady stream of intuitive guidance because she LISTENS to it and ACTS from it all the time. We can all do this but we don’t. We hear what we need to do, say, try, experience but we doubt and question and keep asking out of our fear.”

The key word in that last phrase is “FEAR”. My hope, desire, and intention in my ever deepening commitment to articulate the cosmic presence with great clarity - is that I can help dispel the fear. Social justice looks and acts in a variety of ways and the voices of righteousness are fighting to be heard. The chaos is growing and the precipice has never looked or felt more daunting. It’s not though what I do that will raise the frequency or contribute to the cause as much as role modeling a way of being – and infusing every encounter with this energy.

For me, my mantra is “do one thing and do it well.” This work, this life, this living from the inside out – it’s what I do and to do it well, I have to be all in, with every bit of my heart and soul. I trust that it is enough.

Try it. Live it. From the Inside Out ~ Liz