I Wonder



I wonder if I have the courage to say what needs to be said – from my particular version of reality. I have arrived at this juncture in time when the suppression of my voice no longer serves the cellular function of protection. It is akin to waking up on a battlefield with no fear of death. I’ve been building to this moment over many years of karmic maturing and most recently, a final activation has broken the last threads of bondage to the old order.

I wonder how the current threshold marker will transmit the frequency of love, respect, unity and liberation with an electromagnetic activation that connects us globally to channels of change beyond our current understanding. Like millions of others, I shared in the experience of solidarity on January 21, 2017 – a day in my mind that marks the official beginning of this 21st century revolution. I wonder if I will live to see the true end of patriarchy. I wonder if we will be able to successfully mediate, arbitrate and calibrate the cellular conditioning linked to oppression that lives within each of us.

I wonder if you, my friend, my neighbor, my client, my acquaintance –my brother or sister, blood, chosen or stranger, will allow me the right to define and decide what authentic liberation looks like – for me. I wonder how I will respond to subtle or not so subtle words, actions and deeds that wear the false face of tolerance while the inner oppressor wields its sword of judgement – telling me that my interpretation of reality falls short of standards steeped in your unhealed wounds of acceptance. I wonder if I will respond with love and kindness and understanding. I wonder if my own inner oppressor will want to fight back. I wonder if I can do for you what I want you to do for me. Accept. Listen. Witness. Value. Love.

I wonder how I will claim my power with wisdom and neutrality while not backing down in the face of tyranny. I wonder if I will be afraid. I wonder what the stakes are. I wonder with wonder at my burning desire and fearless compulsion to deepen my commitment in helping others access their unique Truth. I believe without a shred of doubt that I was born to fulfil the need of unconditional love that this time demands. I believe my gifts have a place on the altar of revolution, and in service to my Soul, on the bigger altar of evolution. I wonder how big my YES will have to become in service to my original intention – the agreement made prior to being in the body and links to the soul contract that is now ready to be taken to the next level of human experience.

I wonder if we can forgive each other for our trespasses of ignorance, blame, shame and invisibility. Will we allow our otherness to open doors of compassionate curiosity and begin to have conversations about what really matters. In my work as an Intuitive Astrologer, I operate from the premise of, “I wonder what this means?” Can we go through these doors and in our own self-discovery, illuminate the common thread that runs through all of our blood? To realize meaning in every moment comes from the recognition of Love. And when we truly listen to another and operate from a desire to know through the lens of their perception, that illusion of otherness dissolves.

I wonder how oppression of another’s right to choose – anything and everything – based on their integrity, their higher consciousness and alignment to their inner Truth will become a thing of the past in the new paradigm. I wonder the same thing about another’s right to live according to their values, religion, sacred cultural norms, spirituality and individuality. I wonder what my responsibility is to contribute to the freedom of others as I live from that same place. I can feel the karmic residue of every lifetime I’ve ever inhabited coalescing with the DNA now being activated. We are truly becoming “new Humans” - in my opinion. I wonder at the wonder of that possibility becoming actualized.

I wonder what it will feel like to not withhold an ounce of my authenticity. I wonder what it will feel like to speak my Truth without reservation. I wonder how I will come to know my Self in greater fullness by allowing myself to be seen. I wonder how I will inspire by example to lean in to the Unknown with enthusiasm, faith and courage. I wonder how the Unknowable will inspire me to become more than I ever dreamed.  I wonder what lies ahead that is good and beautiful and real. I wonder how we will finally dissolve this illusion of fear that is being forced upon us. I say reject it – unequivocally. That’s not a passive undertaking but one that demands courage. Live your Truth. That’s the first and most important step.

I wonder if you will begin to wonder – about what is possible for your own breakthrough to liberation. I wonder if you will begin to wonder about the Divine Presence that speaks through all beings – even the most blatant of “shadow light workers”. I wonder if you will begin to wonder about your original intention – and how to access and activate it to become more than you ever dreamed.

I wonder if my heart will break in this catalytic undertaking that cannot be otherwise. I wonder if I can be the container of Love that I want to be for myself and others. I wonder if you too will commit to the Awakening that merges your dreams with your daytime reality – making it difficult to know what it real. I wonder if you will realize it’s all real. Every single bit.

Let us agree to the most Radical Disruption possible as we go forward – agitate the status quo with Love, Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness. It is not a sign of weakness to fight the good fight without bloodshed, loss of limb and life and the very burdensome rage we are attempting to eradicate. I wonder what it will be like to live in a clean energy field – my own and yours – without being swallowed by emotional toxicity. I wonder if you can trust in the unfolding of what is not yet known, not yet fully manifest, not yet alive and well in our cells. I do.

I wonder who you are and if I will meet you on the road. I hope so.In Light ~ Liz