Passage to a New Paradigm

Are we there yet? How much longer do we have? I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m bored. I’m ready to move, get out, stretch my legs, anything to alleviate this sense of in between. Do you remember this commentary on long road trips, cooped up in the car with the feeling that the journey is just, well, frigging forever? I sure do – from the back of a 1974 Ford Gran Torino station wagon.


Here we are in late 2018 still on the road. When I was a teenager in the mid 1970’s, the questions of when? and how long? seemed so relevant to assessing my endurance for any given situation. Now though it’s a much different experience to live inside a vast expanse of questionable reality where our stamina requires patient attentiveness to what is. This intuitive perceptual function is a keen ability that allows for a phenomenal growth of insight into our cosmic consciousness.

Honestly, removing the cloak of beliefs imposed on us by a historically dishonest and dysfunctional culture is essential to relaxing into a much more spacious, less confining reality. And before anyone gets bent out of shape with my words, I’m not denying the structures and systems of oppression as real. I’m just linking into – and asking you to come along for the ride here – a version of experiential understanding that is the lens through which I see, sense and assess what’s true – for me. That’s all.

We may not have arrived at a final destination, but from where I’m sitting, my body, my cells, my heart, my soul, knows the nuance of change. It’s a change in direction. A change in perception. A change in the field of awareness. A change in my ability to experience the full range of emotions that come with this earth walk.  A change in the planet’s frequency that is palpable when I drop below the daily hum. It’s a current of connection that brings me tremendous solace as I’m provided with messages and memories of my galactic origins. In this chaotic time here, it’s actually a feeling of being at home – in my skin. Living in this state of awareness, there’s nowhere to go, to get to, to be. It’s all right NOW.

What does that even mean, you ask?

I don’t have a great answer other than my acceptance of The Unknown seems to have a broader bandwidth. I also have noticed a heightened, expanded connection to forgiveness, compassion, receptivity and most of all, freedom. There is nothing external that is providing me with evidence of this internal wisdom. Rather it is an embodied intelligence of moving further into a grid of existence that is way, way beyond the enculturated one we’ve defined our lives by to date. Truly – off grid living in the best possible way.

As a professional consulting astrologer and an intuitive with gifts beyond the labels we describe for the purpose of doing business in the marketplace, I am learning so much about this passage into a new paradigm. Each story, synthesized with the natal chart – the blueprint of the Soul – reveals more of the current unfolding Mystery. No answers are ever forthcoming from me. That’s too huge of a responsibility and definitely not mine to provide. However, the direct guidance from the planetary beings is stronger and more succinct than ever. Skillful interpretation is the key to unlocking individual truths and clarity of purpose. The essence of these translations creates a profound energetic shift that is visible, palpable even, during a session. I don’t do this alone. Each client shares in the co-creation of this experience as we align together to the infinite wisdom of the Universe, of the planets, the planetary beings, and the intelligence of the cosmos.

I am deeply grateful to have mature access to my gifts for the benefit of actively participating in the catalytic and radical shifts in process, collectively and individually. Most of all, I’m grateful that I’m more willing than ever to go out on a limb, stretch myself and speak up about what I’m noticing. I do this mostly in individual client sessions. I am called daily to reach more people, to help more, to be in service more. I am making myself available as fully as possible. It is a service of love, that’s for sure. My next group gathering topic is forming, actually downloading is a better word - I get it when I get it.  It’s called, “How Do I Serve the World?”, and will look at themes and content in relation to the current astrology, to your personal astrology, of willingness, risk, challenging the authority of beliefs and how the intuitive mind becomes the knowing mind.

My closing thought is this…don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on the planet. Don’t give up on those you love. Don’t give up on those you don’t love so much. Don’t give up on humanity. We are alive now, each of us, born in the precise moment in time that reflects our soul contract to fulfill a need vital to this changing epoch. The need is to shake off, shatter, reconfigure, rewrite the rules of living that just are Not. True. I tell everyone, because I’ve had to learn it too, no one gets to decide who you are. We are witnessing and living, in real time, the most unprecedented upgrade in human evolution than has ever been known. There isn’t a person alive who knows the true meaning behind what the hell is happening. That’s why we have to help each other, learn to trust together in our inherent clear vision and innate wisdom that contains the Truth of our immortal essence. It’s a step by step, fall down as you go, get back up process. Really, the greatest adventure, ever, ever, ever.

I am here. WE are here. C’mon, let’s do it.

Blessings & Love from my living room on a rainy Sunday ~ Liz

P.S. If you’re interested in the group gathering, let me know. I’ll contact you when the plan is more fully formed and send details.