The Promise of Change

I’ve been doing a lot, and I mean A LOT, of navel pondering as of late. I’m so completely fascinated and astounded by the depth and quality of change infused in each of our stories. I’m certainly no exception when it comes to accepting greater responsibility for core beliefs that just will NOT let me function in the same old way. The need for constant evaluation and re-evaluation of my motives, desires, goals and attachment to suffering as it connects to unconscious fears and limiting modes of expression is a pretty damn near unrelenting daily practice.

I have the great privilege of sitting with many people on a regular basis and deeply listening to their unique version of reality in this extraordinary time of unprecedented adjustment to a higher frequency of experience. In my readings, I’m discerning a distinguishable pattern of lived experience that has thematic similarities even though the story lines are vastly different. It doesn’t matter how old you are – 17 or 70 – the demand for self-change is up for review. It doesn’t seem to be the usual life stuff that I’m working with in my readings, but rather an amped up rendition of scenarios that have been either moderately dealt with or avoided at all costs.

The rug has been pulled up very dramatically and we must face what has been covered up, like it or not. My sense is that, for each of us, what we’re seeing with acute clarity is the one thing that we have the most profound stake in regarding our emotional awakening. Whether it’s an eruption of a physical scenario/illness that we’ve successfully circumvented or band-aided for a very long time, or something new coming to the surface with regards to our physical well-being, or (& especially in light of the recent eclipses, mercury retrograde) relationship issues that serve to heal and open our hearts to receive greater and greater frequency alignments in the name of Love, or the compelling need to take a greater risk to explore the unknown without a map or a teacher or a lantern to light the way – all of this and more distinctly and directly links in to core beliefs that absolutely don’t fit into the developing story of the new paradigm. I’ll even go a step further and say that what I’m perceiving in my work is that what’s under the rug is THE core belief that lies at the center of our story, our perception of reality and ultimately our response to every encounter that engages our human self at each turn.

I’m learning so much right now about how we are being asked to evolve and grow via the planetary influences and their direct impact through the portal of our astrological blueprint. What I’m contemplating, almost obsessively, is this question. What IS the work? What is the universal motif that is permeating our consciousness in such a way that we can’t refuse this offer to move forward? Why does it feel so imperative? So unrelenting? So emotionally powerful? So bone crushing and simultaneously, so filled with promise?

All I can say that I truly know is that the Unknown is our collective future. There’s no going back to the way “it used to be”.  In fact, the permeable membrane between the seen and the unseen is thinner than ever before. For me, access to various forms of information and knowing has increased exponentially in the last year, and more so in the last 6 months. Not because I’m doing anything particularly different or special or unusual – just asking to be rewired, recalibrated, redirected into my Truth as it aligns and joins with the Infinite. In my asking, I always request to have the courage to fully risk living on the edge of awareness as I’m called to help others in their crossing. If there’s any one thing I’m proud of in my work it’s my willingness to change, to be an example of fearless faith in a time a tremendous doubt and uncertainty. Not bad for a Taurus.

I’d like to invite each of you, and your friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, mothers, daughters, college students – pretty much the whole gamut – to consider exploring your story with me in a reading. Yes, because it’s my work and how I earn a living but more importantly, because I feel my gift is precisely oriented to this moment in time. My understanding of converging patterns and the underlying meaning behind life’s current challenges is deepening. And through this deepening I’m unlocking a channel of instinctual wisdom that works in tandem with your emerging wisdom. My core belief that is up for review is that I can accept this responsibility because it does matter.

It’s truly a joint venture. I learn and grow. You learn and grow. We step over the threshold together and the ripple effect is one person at a time, extending one hand to the next and BOOM, we’re there – over the chasm. The promise of change is a helluva lot less scary when we do it in sync with one another.

In Gratitude ~