“Seeking love as the means of balancing your life.”  This phrase accompanied my daily oracle – a card pulled with the intention to help clarify the phenomenal energy sweeping through my life, our lives, stirring up debris with the force of an Oz like cyclone. I feel so fortunate to ride in the center of the storm with many others as we join together in a deeper cooperative relationship between Gaia, the Earth, each other, and the Infinite wisdom of the Cosmos (aka God/Goddess/Source/Divine, etc.)

My readings of late have been a profound life laboratory of deeper learning with regards to an extraordinary reality based astrology. I feel like because of the trust so many are placing in my ability to transcribe events through a spiritual lens that my gift is becoming more acute, more in sync, more aligned with a source of wisdom beyond the physical/mind capacity. There’s a distinct theme running through the stories shared in the sacred space of my cozy reading room that’s shedding a bright Light on this evolutionary/revolutionary time. This theme is revealing a consistent message of the need to cooperate with the subtle emotions arising out of the body as a result of the past six month’s definitive disruption in our most vital energy center, the heart.

What do I mean by cooperation and what exactly is the theme demanding our attention? Many of you know I talk a lot about the current emphasis on our physicality to integrate the higher electromagnetic vibrational frequency that connects humanity and the Earth to the etheric grid of Infinite Space. This is about so much more than “astrology”. There. I said it. I’m out. That’s really just my cover for a whole body of work and thought and belief about what I experience on a daily basis. Big smile and sigh. So back to the question…as this higher frequency enters our field it’s encountering the human condition of stored memories, pain, grief and suffering held in the cellular structure of the body. This creates a powerful confluence of release as this electrical surge facilitates an eruption of longstanding physical/disease issues, emotional/relationship imbalances, personal crisis related to finances, fear, security, values, self-worth and innumerable other real time life scenarios. A compelling inner impulse acts as a catalytic liberator from the conditioning that binds us to these out worn forms of experiential existence.

Core beliefs are dislodged from the hidden corners of our psyche and radical change is the outcome. Essentially, this is the recurring theme – core beliefs are the greatest threat to our survival and our stories reveal where our perception needs to shift in order to allow in a broader range of unprecedented possibility. I’m quoting myself here – but the following is what I feel is the undercurrent of this idea, the message behind our manifest reality. “Be willing to immerse yourself in the emotional awakening of your immortal soul as it is seeking a heightened level of cooperative experience with your human Self. Listen to your body as it reveals ancient wisdom through the feeling center of the heart and seek the energy of Love to rise above the disruptive forces of conflict and resistance. The ancient wisdom I speak of is not of the earth or necessarily teachings from our human ancestors but of the higher dimensions downloading at a more rapid rate than ever before. Cooperation between what is and what is not yet revealed (also called “the unknown”) leads to grace, compassion and a neutral mind. This neutral mind is what can help restore perfect plan, form and function to the health of the body as it relates to specific emotions. Willingness to go beyond your “norm” to refine your personal relationship with Spirit can help tremendously in balancing the scales between past and present with greater resilience. As time compresses, we realize how precious our mortal need for nourishment is and can come to rely on our connection with God to see us through the great turning.”

Love really is the antidote. It’s that simple. Cooperation between body, mind and Spirit is bringing each of us into an emerging alignment with a new story. This disruption process is a necessary component of getting us across the river, so to speak, onto a new shore. Outer events in our collective news stream are deeply reflective of this internal balancing act. May we all be blessed with the ability to act from inspired wisdom and trust in the timing of Divine will.

Peace & blessings on your journey….