Seeking the Sun

I know we are still in the energy of the full moon and that illumination certainly remains potent in our field of consciousness. I had hoped to write something yesterday in the building peak of the rising Pisces moon. However, my own immersion in the etheric numinosity of Neptune’s (ruler of Pisces) divine rays kept me cloaked in a deep process. My work didn’t allow for a more public acknowledgement of the healing light associated with this particular lunation.

So here I am in the light of day with a message coming to me about the quality of wholeness that our nature requires. Whole like the sun and the moon as the full embodiment of who we are and the impulse that ultimately demands we stay true to this inherent fullness. Integrating the creative life force offered by these powerful luminaries is the true work of the Spiritual Warrior. Being a Spiritual Warrior requires a diligence different from the conditioned efforts to bring more of ourselves into form. It’ a gentle strength that flows with right action, right timing and following a path that is marked by our individuality as a central focus.

And most importantly of all, it’s imperative as we continue to change on the cellular level that our hearts open to receive more Light. This is how we’re going to engage with the duality of light and dark in the most effective way. Begin within and take a step forward with as much courage as possible

.Here’s a prayer known as the Gayatri to offer up in the spirit of wholeness.

You who are the source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the world,

Illuminate also my heart,

So that it too can do Your work.