Yesterday’s Virgo New Moon was a day out of time for me. I allowed myself to sink deeper into the space between - that liminal moment where everything and nothing exist simultaneously. It was a quiet respite to reflect on the seeds of intention closest to my heart in this ever changing energy of release and momentum. I know we think of new moons as new beginnings and there is certainly truth in the simplicity of that thought.  But what’s really got my attention right now is the growing awareness around the origination of specific “seeds” as they relate to our evolutionary process.

In my own personal work of releasing emotional density in order to draw in the higher frequency of the Universe (Love), I’m thoughtfully tracking beyond this time/space continuum to discover the original intention of being in the body. It’s something that fascinates me on a daily basis – this discovery or rather, recovery, of lost knowledge, ancient wisdom and inherent knowing as it exists within each of us. I’m not talking about books other people have written or texts and ideas through the framework of religion or even of esoteric spirituality. I’m interested in the link between me as a physical being and the energetic cord that binds me to a vibrational resonance of Oneness, All That Is, God, Source or Infinite Consciousness. Whatever you want to call it is less important than the experience of aligning our vibration of matter with the vibration of Spirit.

This, to me, is the true “seeding” that can benefit us in the long term – expanding the connection of Self to Source. The monthly new moon provides a momentary pause to reflect on where we are in our process and to dive into the inner well of knowing for further reflection.

Blessings on the journey…..