Moving Beyond Beliefs

Writing about beliefs is definitely not easy. The mind wants to interfere with what it thinks, what it believes and frame this essay with concrete parameters according to the dictates of various preconceived notions. Maybe that’s where we need to start. Identify what a belief actually is and go from there. Here’s a perspective from my version of reality…

Beliefs are a choice about how to experience life. Beliefs paint the landscape, choose the colors, and place the objects in accordance with the scale, large or small, of a particular set on the stage of life. Beliefs write the script, cast the actors, and fill the seats with participants in the drama of our lives. Beliefs change costumes and characters with flawless ingenuity and keenly convince us of their reality. Beliefs keep us engaged with the current story through the lens of our past.

It’s like watching Downton Abbey and wondering what they’re up to when we have the TV turned off. We discuss the possibilities for who might do or say something to justify what we have thought all along about this or that character, questioning their motives or our ability to understand their actions. All the while forgetting that we’re merely tuned into a particular channel where the scripted saga continues week after week. When the season ends we sit bewildered and lost for a brief moment wondering how to fill the void, racking our brains for ways to keep the story alive in our minds. And the answer to that is – reruns.  Over and over and over, we tell ourselves the same story through the lens of our beliefs.

Beliefs are like that. They are as subtle as they are obvious. They infuse our existence with layers of possibility just waiting to be challenged. Oftentimes we don’t know how emphatically our beliefs define our reality until the screen fades to black or buzzes with static - like the “old days” when the channel went off the air for the night. The set is barren without our beliefs.

At least that’s the initial perception once we enter the empty space of letting go, of not holding on to thought patterns that no longer serve the soul’s need to bring the body into deeper alignment with the frequency of Love. We are meeting at a critical juncture in our collective evolutionary unfolding and yet, it’s a profoundly personal moment.  One where our patterns and conditioning as they relate to our beliefs – beliefs rooted in the past (past lives, past experiences, past choices) are colliding with the present planetary influences that demand we change. No one is exempt.

The multi layered path of experience is littered with subtle and not so subtle manifestations of our beliefs in action. Whether it’s thought forms infusing our relationships with expectations based on core beliefs – beliefs that limit our ability to expand into the higher frequency now knocking on our heart’s door – or concrete reality rubbing up against the fabric of our perceived reality with increasing discomfort – the call to respond is imperative. We must answer and though we do have a choice about it, the alternative to keeping the door closed means the Universe just knocks harder. It’s an unrelenting demand to get our attention and shift us into a higher vibrational resonance. It cannot be otherwise.

We’ve been in this process of belief obliteration since June of 2012 when the planetary influences began speaking their message of change in a louder and louder voice. No two stories look the same with regards to the quality of change at stake for each of us – that’s personal and karmic and unique to our agreement for this life time. But what is similar that I’m noticing is that slowly but surely, particularly since last January, the bare bones of our agreement is being exposed. And by that I mean, we’ve arrived at the center, at THE core belief that frames our existence.

It’s a central core belief that pertains to each of our soul stories – so THE core belief for you is different from THE core belief of anyone else – at least in terms of the script. Our core beliefs have layers of expression that can be infused into innumerable scenarios. These scenarios are so vast and diverse that it becomes remarkably fascinating to begin to understand how beliefs shape every interpretation of experience. What we all have in common with our beliefs is they ultimately serve to perpetuate a feeling of separateness, of wounding, of misunderstanding as it relates to imprinted patterns and cellular memory.

We cannot carry this conditioning forward and participate in the healing of our planet. In fact, there’s no place for it in our future. It does not exist in the emerging new paradigm. The plan to relinquish the density held in the emotional body, in the cellular structure of our memory banks, includes the fuller embodiment of higher and higher frequencies. This higher frequency is associated with the planet Uranus, one of the major messengers in our current planetary lineup of evolutionary and catalytic change. Uranus links us to an even higher more finely tuned grid that threads around our planet like a silver web of Light. This etheric energetic grid is infused with the cells that correspond to Christ Consciousness.

The good news is that agreeing to this process – and you’ve agreed to it because you’re in the body though you do have a choice as to the quality of your experience – has extraordinary rewards. So far what I’m personally discerning is a phenomenal sense of neutrality – emotional and mental neutrality – that is growing more and more consistent. My mind is quieter than it’s ever been and when I reach in to stabilize myself because the long expanse of empty space is more unfamiliar than it is uncomfortable, I can’t find anything to grab on to. A morsel of an old story or a fragment of a compelling belief no longer nourishes me. In fact, I can hardly access it anymore. This is how I’m coming to understand, viscerally, the release of emotional density.

In its place is a sense of wonder. A recognition of Infinite Source. A realization of God. An acceptance of what is. I am at peace in a world filled with chaos. I have great hope for humanity and tremendous love for this jumping off point of no return. And I’m not afraid of the future. That’s huge. In fact, I’m super excited by the possibilities I perceive for an experience of life not framed by the past, by core wound themes related to core beliefs, by sadness and suffering that has no place in my new story. I’m wondering if this is what liberation feels like – emptiness, spaciousness, nothingness, infinity. I like it.

It is our willingness to undertake this journey, a journey already well underway, which allows for change to happen with ease and grace. It may still be messy and uncomfortable but willingness goes a long way in acclimating to change that is ultimately inevitable.

And then there’s the wonder. Don’t forget about that. The more you can marvel at the perfect, random, divine orchestration of your personal play and witness with humor this great unfolding, you will be blessed and blessed, and more blessed every day. You will also get emptier and emptier and simultaneously filled with something almost beyond words.

We are living in a time of a true miracle. We get to be alive at a Great Turning point in our cosmic history and help usher in a new age. The rules are changing. The game is changing. Have fun and make it up as you go along. I am. 

Photo by Ansel Adams