Full Moon Themes of Love & Liberation


Photo by Daniel Dolpire - National Geographic Explorer

Today’s full moon (Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius @ 18⁰) sends a beam of light to the areas in need of catalytic change and awakening. For me personally, the launch of this website reflects my passion (Leo) to expand my work more fully into the collective sphere of humanity (Aquarius). Without a doubt, I’m living a quality of freedom unknown to me in decades past – one that gives me permission from deep within to live my truth, publicly and proudly.

What does this theme of love and liberation mean within the constructs of our changing paradigm? For one, it demands that I step over the rubble of a crumbling power structure and create a version of reality designed with my own specifications in mind. Specifications that express a way of being in this New World with grace, love & compassion that extend beyond current events into a vision of future possibility.

This heart centered theme of freedom also takes into account our flawed perspectives as mortal humans – and asks that we be cognizant of projected arrows of judgment that feed the fires of self-serving systems. When we awaken the energy of Love through actions stemming from a deep desire to serve humanity, we use the power of One to organize and strengthen our connection to the All.

My version of reality is ignited by the Leo fire of this full moon and embraces the connection of friendship, community, and progressive ideals that liberate me from cultural conditioning. It’s with extraordinary pride and great humility that I offer my burgeoning body of work on this new website. All of my services, readings, groups, public talks, and writings have been birthed as a result of a very long gestational process. What I’m most proud of is the phenomenal courage it’s taken to stay true to myself through deep dark fear and doubt – emerging with more clarity and focus than I ever imagined possible

.Until next time, I leave you with a question to ponder.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? (Mary Oliver)