A reading with me combines my acutely refined intuitive abilities and access to higher guidance with solid astrological counseling expertise. I’m quite skilled at translating the planetary influences into everyday language in order to derive meaning from current life scenarios. My comprehensive and personal relationship with the symbolic language of astrology is the backbone that supports me every step of the way on this amazing journey. I’ve worked extensively with people over the years who are at key junctures, threshold moments, and pivotal points of self-change that demand more faith, courage and trust than ever before.

In a reading, I use the astrology chart to access the blueprint of your consciousness and weave together the planetary influences as they relate to present scenarios. This one of a kind consultation moves an individual into a place of extraordinary clarity with tremendous love and understanding for the human journey. My primary skill of structuring patterns and symbols into a cohesive whole allows for the emergence of a deeper appreciation of life’s inherent challenges. Language is made up of patterns that carry a particular vibrational frequency.  I have a profound gift for linking into this frequency to retrieve more information and to hear what’s being said (or not being said) between the words.

As a Taurus, my style of reading is also very down to earth. I truly believe spiritual wisdom is irrelevant without a practical application. I have tremendous proficiency in helping to prioritize next steps and plans of action based on the information received in partnership with your own innate guidance system.

The demands of this present moment in time are great. We are each being asked to clear emotional density in order to embody the higher frequency of Love and expanded consciousness. The ripple effect of cleaning up our own fields is what is moving us into the paradigm of a more authentic collective experience – one that is unprecedented but, nonetheless, designed to move us forward.

Readings are conducted in person in Asheville, North Carolina as well as by phone or Skype. Payment in advance is required and appreciated. An MP3 recording of the session is provided.

Astrology Consultations with Liz

Individual Readings

I offer a unique combination of dialogue, deep listening, and weaving together patterns of thought and belief as they are depicted in the astrological profile and current life story.

Mother/Adult Daughter Relationship

This reading focuses on the extraordinary bond between mothers and daughters. My preference is to do this particular work in person with both mother and daughter present.

Relationship Reading

This reading is geared towards couples who want to explore potential strengths, challenges and distinctive markers for relating as reflected in each person’s unique astrological profile.

Life Skills Mentoring

Mentoring towards self-change through self-awareness

Chiron Return: Ages 49 – 52

This is an astrological event by transit that occurs for everyone in this particular age range. It involves the minor planet Chiron and represents themes of core wounding that have been active throughout life.

In person in Asheville, NC or phone Readings available